8 Best protein powder in India 2024: Vegan whey protein list

Best protein powder in India

I bring you today the list of best protein powder in India you must know. This list of whey protein is the collection of 100% vegan whey protein in India. Whether you are on a weight loss or bodybuilding journey, you need to have enough protein in your diet. Muscle builders and athletes who do … Read more

New year resolution 2025: 5 things to do for sure weight loss success

New year resolution 2023 weight loss

The new year 2023 is approaching and many of you must be planning to take a new fitness resolution. For me, resolution = re+solution. It means if the previous solution has not worked, you need to revamp or repurpose your old solution. In this post, I will guide you through the 5 most important steps … Read more

Calories in one chapati: Roti nutrition facts (carbs, protein, fiber)

one chapati or 1 roti

Let’s have a look at how many calories does one chapati or roti has. The quick answer is, one regular chapati or roti (40g) contains approx 120 calories. For detailed nutrition facts of 1 chapati, read this article. And, do not forget to check the Roti nutrition fact table mentioned below. Chapati plays a very … Read more

Soya chunks: Nutrition facts 100g, Soybean Protein, Calories and Benefits

Soya chunks nutrition facts in 100g

Let us see the benefits, protein, nutrition facts of Soya Chunks and protein in soybean chunks. These small balls are made extracting the oil and made up of soya flour. There are numerious health benefits of soya chunks/soya beans. In recent times it has gained more popularity due to its nutrition values. On the side, … Read more

Best online fitness trainer booking and training in India

online fitness trainer

I bring you the list of the best online fitness trainer and personal training service providers in India. In the Internet era, everything is selling online from professional courses to haircut services, to online fitness training programs. Seeing the demand for online fitness training, some companies have started providing online fitness training services for weight … Read more

Willingness Meter by Anubhav Kumar. Your personal Scale to unlimited happiness

Willingness Meter by Anubhav Kumar

Willingness Meter is an ebook I have written to help you deal with your worries in a very structured manner for a happy and peaceful life. It is a perfect book for those struggling to achieve their short and long-term goals, let it be your weight loss goal, financial goal, or your goal to have a … Read more

Post-workout meal: What to eat after a workout?

Post-workout meal

Whether you are a professional athlete or an amateur fitness enthusiast, providing the right nutrition to your body and having a post-workout meal is vital for enhancing your performance.  You may put in a lot of effort during exercise, but just lifting weights, burning calories on the treadmill, or playing a sport won’t help you … Read more