Best online fitness trainer booking and training in India

I bring you the list of the best online fitness trainer and personal training service providers in India.

In the Internet era, everything is selling online from professional courses to haircut services, to online fitness training programs.

Seeing the demand for online fitness training, some companies have started providing online fitness training services for weight loss, diet plans, muscle building, etc.

Some of these companies have earned a reputation and were able to build a brand around online fitness training services.

Today, I am going to list down some of the best companies providing online training services for fitness, diet, health, weight loss, etc.

These companies teamed up with fitness trainers and dieticians to provide online fitness training services.

Online fitness trainer booking services in India

Online fitness trainer provider in IndiaCategory
HealthifyMeWeight loss & diet plan
Cure.fitFitness Trainer & gym chain
FittrFitness community & coaching
FitternityFitness pass & online training
WERSTUPIDOnline fitness training program
Possible.inWeight loss & health coaching

Please note that these companies are listed based on their popularity and market response. No one is perfect in this world and has positive and negative aspects. The same applies to these fitness companies. So, it is always better to do your own research as well.

Having said that, let me list down the details of the best online training service providers and brands in India.

Best online fitness training brands in India

1. HealthifyMe: For online fitness coach and training in India

Healthifyme needs no introduction and is one of the popular names in the fitness industry.

Healthifyme: For online fitness coach and training in India

Their main objective is to provide customized diet plans for weight loss, online fitness trainers, and building fitness communities online.

The best part with HealthifyMe is their fitness app that helps you track calories and water intake with calories burned calculator.

I have used this app and I liked all the features, and have used it to track my daily calorie intake.

What I found helpful is that they have a massive Indian food database to count your calorie intake.

When you install this app, you need to put some initial information like age, gender, medical condition, activity level, etc to help build you a free daily calorie budget.

Another best thing that I liked is that they have a reminder for water intake that will remind you to drink the required amount of water.

If you go with their premium membership, you can get a customized diet plan, one-to-one diet consultation, online personal fitness training, nutrient tracking and insights, healthy recipes, etc.

2. Cover a wide range of options in fitness is another very popular brand in the fitness industry and has a massive customer base. Online fitness trainer and gym chain

They cover a wide range of options in fitness from gym centers, to wellness training, to healthy online food stores, to providing health checkups.

They are popularly known for providing fitness training online and offline with their gym centers.

If you are looking for online fitness training or trainer, is a place you should visit. You can also find their reviews online and even from your network.

They have built a brand and reputation for proving fitness training and running gym chains across India.

If you are staying alone and looking for healthy food options, you can visit their online healthy food delivery store and order one.

On their menu, you can find food from biryani, idlis, protein-rich food, veg curries, healthy snacks, etc.

They also run online fitness classes and coaching that you can avail staying at home. Their personal fitness coaches will help you stay fit and healthy with their coaching and advice..

They have a fitness app to help you provide fitness training in every aspect from eating well to yoga to workouts to wellness.

3. Fittr: Online fitness coach and community in India

Fittr app is best known for building a fitness community and providing a platform to bring together like-minded fitness individuals.

It is not limited to building a fitness community but provides online fitness coaching and training.

According to the company, their coaches will guide you to achieve your fitness goal let it be a building diet plan, weight loss, building muscles.

Fittr app is the best place for you if you are lacking fitness motivation and want to be in fitness talks with other fitness enthusiasts.

They provide mainly three kinds of services, namely, online fitness coaching, corporate wellness, and nutrition courses.

In the fitness training category, you can get online training for yoga, martial arts, fitness, nutrition, Zumba, etc.

According to Fittr app founder, he got this idea of building an online fitness community when he created a WhatsApp group to help his friends.

Now they are training masses to stay fit and healthy through their online community and coaching.

4. Fitternity: For Personal training and searching fitness studios

Fitternity is an online platform to find fitness centers like gyms, yoga centers, Zumba classes and provide access to these centers with their membership program.

With the help of their one-time pass, you can have access to different fitness centers listed on their website.

They have another program called “workout at home” to provide you with online personal training, live session, fitness challenges, and workout videos.

With their live session, you can have access to live group classes with their fitness coaches. You can request a live class for Zumba, yoga, fitness, meditation, etc

With their personal training program, you can have one-to-one personal training with a coach assigned to you.

With their 30-day transformation challenge, you have the option to challenge yourself to transform your body with 8+ workout forms. With this program, you can have online classes on nutrition, fitness, workout, etc.

5. WERSTUPID: For online fitness training program known as “GENESIS”

WERSTUPID is an online fitness training program run by Akshay Chopra, a fitness influencer and Youtuber with more than 400k subscribers.

He is ex. IAF pilot and an expert in the different domains including health and fitness, writing, public speaking, and entrepreneurship.

He runs three different fitness programs titled GENESIS, namely, Genesis fat loss, Genesis muscle gain, and Genesis Pro. You can enroll yourself in any of these fitness programs as per your need.

The above programs include some benefits like “One On One Training”, free e-books, complete extensive exercise library, etc.

The best part of his training programs is that one can schedule a call with him before joining the program free of any charge.

6. For online weight loss, fitness, and health consultation

Previously known as TruWeight, “” is a platform famous for proving weight loss programs and fitness training in India.

They provide online health consultations with industry experts to help you reach your health goal.

With online fitness and health coaching, they also provide access to 200 plus serving of good foods and weekly one-to-one meetings.

With the help of their video tutorial, you have the option to learn about healthy living and eating in the comfort of your home.

They also have a mobile app for a customized health requirement and weight loss program.

If you are looking to lose weight or get online health consultations for diabetes, thyroid, PCOS, etc, you can get these services on this platform.

You can also request for online fitness coach or dietician for your fitness/weight loss goal.

Final thought

I am hoping that the above list will help you find the best fitness trainer and training service provider in India. I would strongly recommend you to do your research about these companies before requesting any services from them.

Disclaimer: The above list was created based on the popularity of the brands. I am not paid for the list above. This article is only for your information purpose and not my recommendations. Please do your own research before requesting any services from the listed companies in this article.

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