10 Best evil eye tattoo design ideas (for men and women) 2024

Running out of ideas for the best evil eye tattoo designs? Never Mind! In this post, I will share with you the top 10 most popular evil eye tattoo design that you can try on different parts of your body.

But some part of the body is the most common when it comes to getting an evil eye tattoo. You will find people getting evil eye tattoos on their hand and neck areas.

Also, people prefer to get small evil eye tattoos compared to bigger ones. But it does not mean the bigger one is not popular. It is all about innovation, artwork, and creativity.

There are designs ranging from simple small ones to bigger designs with beautiful artwork. I will share all the new designs including the most popular ones.

So, let’s first start with a small design in multicolor artwork. Later we will see other new and innovative designs that you can try on your hand, neck, or wherever area you like to get.

So, have a look at these beautiful evil eye tattoo designs.

10 Best evil eye tattoo design ideas to check out today

1. Small Evil eye tattoo design on hand (wrist)

Image Credit: Pinterest

Have a look at these innovative hand designs. In the above pic, the blue evil eye looks perfect with eyelashes giving it a very natural yet innovative style.

evil eyes tattoo
Image credit: Pinterest

When it comes to the evil eye, you will find a dark solid circle with an outer blue circle around it. This is the most common. But when you get a little creative with your design, you can bring life to your evil eye tattoo like these two designs above.

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2. Evil eye tattoo design on neck for women

Image credit: Pinterest

In the above design, you will find an evil eye hanging with the support of thread. This gives a very artistic and mysterious style to the design. As evil eye tattoos are most common on neck areas, you can try this small design on your neck.

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3. Evil eye 3D and 2D multicolor tattoo design for men and women

Image credit: Pinterest
Image credit: Pinterest

Do you want more small evil eye tattoo design ideas? Here are two more that you can try on your neck and hand.. Above are two more small designs in 3D and 2D that give a very natural appearance to your tattoo.

4. Beautiful evil eye new designs

Image credit: Pinterest
Image Credit: Pinterest

Here are some more unique and innovative evil eyes designs to try on your leg and biceps areas. The extra artwork including half-moon and dots makes the design looks stunning.

If you want to try extra artwork you can consider evil eye with an owl. I am sure people you like it a lot.

Image credit: Pinterest

The multicolor evil eye with beautiful artwork around the theme is the point of attraction. The design will make your wrist look very stylish.

5. Black evil eye tattoo ideas

Last but not least, have a look at these two evil eyes in black. If you do not want your tattoo to be multicolor, you can go with these traditional black designs.

Image Credit: Pinterest
Image credit: Pinterest


I hope you like our collection of the most popular and unique evil eye tattoo design ideas. The evil eye is a symbol of protection. People believe that evil eyes protect you from negative energy.

Some people think that evil eyes are a symbol of love and care. Whatever the reason is evil eyes tattoo is a great tattoo that looks stylish and easily grabs the attention of people.

I am sure your friends and family gonna like your tattoo. Let me know in the comment if want more such ideas.

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