5 Best African hair braiding style ideas for 2024

Looking for the latest African hair braiding style ideas? Here is the latest trend and collection of the most loved African braiding style ideas to check out.

Braiding is not just popular in Africa. The recent trend and styles have demanded a separate fan base of braiding styles across the globe.

Earlier, it was mostly seen in African countries and was part of their culture. But now, the hairstyle has become a fashion statement for many including many celebs.

Having said that, let me show you the list of the best African hair braiding style ideas.

5 Best African hair braiding style ideas

1. Medium-size African braids

Medium-size African braids
Image source: Pinterest

Let me start the list with the most demanding braid size, the medium one. The style has a medium length of hair plus the thickness of the braids is too medium. The style is comparatively easy to maintain compared to other longer braiding styles.

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2. Long and blond braid style

Long and blond African braids
Image Source: Pinterest

Here comes another style if you have long hair. You can try this African braid with a small to medium thickness. With longer hair, having a small to medium thickness of braids makes it look more elegant and at the same time easy to maintain. Also, for further styling, you can try different hair colors or just go with your natural hair color.

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Above is another long-length braid but with a medium thickness. You can mid-part your braids at the back that will rest at your both shoulders making catching more eyeballs.

3. African braids with beads

African braids with beads
Image source: Pinterest

Are you looking to try some beads to style your braids? Here are two ideas to check out. The above braids have small thicknesses with beads at the bottom. The below style requires thicker braids with beads at the ends. Also, it is up to you if you want to try colors or just go with your natural hair color.

braids with beads
Image Source: Pinterest

4. Folded African hair braid

Folded African hair braid
Image Source: Pinterest

At number 4, you have folded African braiding style. You can tie and wrap your braids at the top. This braiding style is in trend for quite a long time. Also, it is comfortable to carry compared to other hanging braid hairstyles.

5. Thick-long hair braid style

Last but not least, let me end the list with another longer African braid pattern. The style is parted at the mid covering your entire head.

I hope you like this quick list of African braiding style ideas. Before making this list, I tried my best to pick the best pattern to give you the best choices. If you want more braiding style and ideas, let me know in the comment.

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