Walking calories burned calculator (running, cycling, etc)

Calories burned calculator for walking, cycling, running, steps, exercise, boxing, swimming, treadmill, dance, Zumba, weight lifting, squash, yoga, skiing, badminton, and many more.

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Now you do not have to run behind different calorie burned calculators for walking, running, cycling, etc.

Get all in one place in this calculator and measure the number of calories you burn while you do any sort of workout from running to swimming to working out on a treadmill.

Calories burned calculator for walking, running, etc: How to use this calculator

I will take an example say, calorie burned through walking to demonstrate this calculator to calculate the number of calories burned.

Here are the steps to calculate your calories burned for walking:

  • First, select walking (general or leisurely) as per your choice from the drop-down menu.
  • In the second step, enter your activity duration in minutes (Say, 30 minutes) after you completed your walking routine.
  • Select your gender by clicking on the appropriate gender icon in the third option.
  • Next, input your age in the “How old are you field” in years.
  • In the last field, “How much do you weigh?“, enter your weight in kilograms.
  • Once you are done filling up all the required inputs, you can tap the “Calculate your calories burned” button to finally calculate calories burned for walking.

Similarly you can use this calculator for calories burned for different excercises like swmming, running, boxing, etc.

Please note that the above calculation for calories is the approx result and you should not take it as the exact calculation for calorie burning.

Why you should use a calculator to track calorie burned?

Wither you are on weight loss goal, build muscles, or just want to get an idea of calories burned through exercises, it is very important for you to track it for the following reasons.

Reason to use a calories burned calculator for exercises:

  • When you use numbers with your fitness goal, it will become easy to track your goal properly.
  • Calories burned will help you analyze your fitness or weight loss progress with time.
  • It will help you track your stamina you are building with your different workouts.
  • When you track your calories burned, it will help you build fitness motivation and help you build a fitness attitude in you.
  • Tracking is the best way you can educate yourself about fitness, and how to work on your calories.
  • It is will be helpful for you to track your workout intensity.
  • When you are working with your gym coach or a dietician it will be easy for them to track your progress and give you advice based on your calorie burned calculation.

Calorie burned calculator: Factors involved for calculation

Now, let’s see what are the factors that influence the calculation of calories burned.

This calculator takes into account the difference between say, walking, and running. Calories that you burn through running will be always greater than the calories your burn through walking.

Factors like speed, the total duration of the workout, etc are well taken under consideration while calculating your calories burned for near to accurate results.

Workout intensity is another most important factor in exercise and is taken well into consideration in this calculator.

The same factors of speed and intensity hold true for exercises like cycling, swimming, etc. High-intensity cycling will always burn more calories than relaxed cycling.

The other important factors apart from speed and intensity are body weight and size which influence the total calories burned.

And, this is why a smart calorie burned calculator must have these other important factors to be taken under consideration while calculating.

Calories burned by people with different weight varies based on body weights. A heavy person will always burn more calories than a person with lesser bodyweight even if the duration and intensity are the same.

Another important factor is the age that influence the calories burned calculation.

An older person will burn lesser calories than a younger one, which is why this calculate take age as a factor for the calorie burned calculation.

Burn calories through different activities like walking

If you are on a weight loss journey or just want to work for your fitness, knowing different activities for calorie burning is important.

Because, once you know how your activities are performing in keeping you fit, it is easy for you to adjust for the different activities.

Calories burned calculator for walking for beginner

This calculator has all the popular activities options to choose from, from simple walking to extreme sports.

It is not always necessary to involve in sports to burn calories. You can burn calories with simple activities like walking, running, or even doing your daily household works.

If you are just starting off, you can burn calories by doing a simple workout like walking and calculate calories burned using a “calories burned calculator for walking“.

Even walking while doing your daily household work is another great way to burn calories. And, here you have two benefits, you complete your housework and at the same time work for your fitness.

House activities like gardening, doing laundry, doing floor cleaning, or backyard work are the perfect ways to burn calories.

These activities require you to continuously walk and do other physical activities to burn calories while you are busy doing your daily household chores.

FAQ: Calories burned and walking

How many calories do you burn in a 30 minute walk?

If you are walking for 30 minutes, results vary with your speed of walking. 30 minutes of the walk can burn anywhere around 100 to 200 calories. It also depends on other factors like age, gender, body weight, etc.

How many calories do walking burn?

If you calculate your total calories burned on a calculator like on this page, results may vary with different factors like age, weight, etc. For example, a heavier person burns more calories than the lighter one.

How many calories burned walking 10000 steps?

For 10000 steps a person may burn calories ranging from 200 calories to 500 calories plus based on different body factors.

Can you lose belly fat by walking?

Yes, you can always lose belly fat by walking. For effective results, it is always recommended to make your walk intense by brisk walking. Brisk walking is effective in burning belly stored fat,