10 Best peanut butter for weight gain in India 2023

Are you searching for the best peanut butter in India? We all want to have a slim-fit physique. There are a lot of options in our diet in a way of nutrients without consuming proper fat.

Peanut butter was prominently made for people who want to build strong physiques such as bodybuilders, sportsmen, and urban consumers (predominantly).

The first peanut butter in India was produced under the name of Prutina, inspired by American food delicacies.

Did you know that India is the second-largest consumer as well as producer of peanuts? Moreover, the tag for dominance in the export of nuts goes to Indian producers.

Moving on to this point, here is the list of high-rated peanut butter that is produced in our homeland.

10 Best peanut butter for weight gain in India 2023

10 Best peanut butter for weight gain in India 2022Brand name
AS-IT-IS Peanut Butter – Most loved brandAS-IT-IS
Yoga Bar Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter – Creamy and keto-friendlyYoga Bar
MuscleBlaze Natural Peanut ButterMuscleBlaze
Disano – For those who love the crunchDisano
The Butternut Co. Peanut butter, crunchy sideThe Butternut Co.
Alpino Natural Peanut ButterAlpino
Pintola Organic Peanut ButterPintola
Sundrop Peanut ButterSundrop
Happilo Super Creamy Peanut ButterHappilo

Protein in the calorie intake table is what makes us attracted to peanut butter. In the upcoming years, the stress level is going to rise to a higher level.

Therefore, you may want to switch to healthy options that are rich in essential nutrients such as protein and magnesium.

Luckily, peanut butter is rich in these specific nutrients and you can consume it with a normal ‘chapati’.

Let me now walk you through the best peanut brands available in India to add to your diet.

10 Best peanut butter for weight gain in India 2023 (Reviews)

1. AS-IT-IS Peanut Butter – Most loved brand

It is the first-ever company to promote raw whey in India. The best part is the location.

The brand made its debut in producing raw whey for the country and slowly it got through the production of peanut butter.

It has a relevant ingredient mapping for the consumers to take advantage of a protein-rich diet.

This product is liked by many gym lovers who will put a stake in the best brands for a healthy routine. You can take a spoonful of water to add to your mid-time meals.

best peanut butter in India by AS-IT-IS

What makes it on the top?

  • The product has acquired 9.6g of protein per serving.
  • Energy booster.
  • Gluten-free.
  • Rich in Arginine.

2. Yoga Bar Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter – Creamy and keto-friendly

Their latest range for dark chocolate peanut butter has a delicious taste. It is a heaven to people who love dark chocolates and want to feel healthy with every spoon.

The most valuable feature is the peanuts are slow-roasted. It is said that the more roasted peanuts are, the better it is.

The Yoga bar is dedicated to weight loss meals such as muesli, and protein bars. The most prominent part is it offers 26% protein per serving.

People who like the crunchy side may think of switching to other brands.

best peanut butter in India by yoga bar

How does it set the bar?

  • This brand has its product made high in fiber.
  • It presents zero cholesterol with zero Trans fat.
  • It is keto-friendly and suitable for a vegan diet as well.

3. MuscleBlaze Natural Peanut Butter

MuscleBlaze has the power to change the game by offering protein-rich fitness meals. If peanut butter has to be good, it should not contain hydrogenated oil.

MuscleBlaze has proved itself in providing health supplements and protein powder. It has 27g of protein as per 2 tablespoons of peanut butter.

MuscleBlaze has the quality to provide to its fan following. The brand proves its popularity among the best protein powders along with the peanut butter range.

peanut butter by MuscleBlaze

Features at their best:

  • Most of the votes go for flavor.
  •  It has no added salt as well.
  • High protein and fibre.

4. Disano – For those who love the crunch

This is a healthy treat for those people who love the crunchy taste. It is a heart-friendly product which means heart patients can consume it in a specified quantity.

Disano has 30g of protein in one serving. It yields a high source of protein and fiber to make your body full of rich nutrients to get more diligence.

This peanut butter is liked by people based on its health benefits. People who include nuts in their diet protect themselves from severe diseases such as type 2 diabetes.

Disano peanut butter in India

Important points:

  • Helps in weight control.
  • Offers 30% protein per serving.
  • No Trans Fats. That means it is beneficial to control cholesterol levels.
  • Healthy source for Vitamin E, B3, and B6.

5. The Butternut Co. Peanut butter, crunchy side

The owners of this company considered nuts as a superfood to consume in a wholesome meal.

Thus, the brand has different types of butter such as Flax Seeds Almond Butter, Cashew Butter, and our star of the show –  Peanut Butter.

The brand aims to reduce fancy sweets with this healthy option to keep your diet in control. Hence, it is essential to look for better options to consume butter.

It has two types of textures – Crunchy as well as creamy. It offers a great service to people who may choose both at the same point in time.

The Butternut Co.

 The best points:

  • Follows a vegan diet.
  • Gluten-free product.
  • Unsweetened peanuts.
  • Great for a healthy brain.
  • 100% peanuts – Impressive.

6. Alpino Natural

It often happens to us that we are not able to check the ingredients healthily. The brand believes in providing vegan products to its audience.

Alpino has been a famous name for peanut butter to produce for a wholesome meal. It tastes great for all ages to follow their weight loss program more simply.

Though people should think of portion control diets, this peanut butter, once eaten, can bate your hunger in a few seconds. It serves 10g of protein per serving.


Beneficiary points:

  • Helps us maintain the weight loss plan.
  • Energy Booster.
  • Gluten-Free.
  • Rich in Iron, Magnesium, potassium, and phosphorus.

7. Pintola Organic Peanut Butter

Pintola offers its audience a variety of products for every member of the family. The products have 25k+ positive feedback from the consumers which makes them a best seller on Amazon and Flipkart.

The brand has a range of natural honey peanut butter. The products are USDA certified. They believe in preparing fresh batches for the products as stocking can reduce the freshness of your healthy meal.

Pintola Organic Peanut Butter

What makes it best?

  • Good for weight control.
  • Contains Healthy fats.
  • 10g of protein per serving.
  • Best for gym-goers, dieters, and joggers.

8. Sundrop Peanut Butter

Sundrop has introduced its peanut butter range with utmost health benefits. It has a shelf life of 1 year. It includes only roasted peanuts by 90% of its weight.

The product helps in weight management as well as builds up your abs. Everyone in the family can consume it as it contains zero cholesterol power and zero trans fats.

Moreover, it contains 8g of protein per serving for a particular meal.

Sundrop Peanut Butter

What makes it offbeat?

  • Good for runners and gym training.
  • Improves digestion.
  • Boosts your energy levels.

9. Happilo Super Creamy

The brand name has its specialty in nutty products with sweet and spicy flavors. It helps to acquire your lifestyle healthily.

It has a separate fan following because of numerous options in the snacking category. Its peanut butter has got a delicious taste and fills your tummy with a healthy source.

Happilo offers us a gluten-free product to its audience. The company’s production house is situated at Yeshwantpur, Bengaluru.

As we know that peanut butter helps us to maintain a healthy heart, happily follows the same fact in manufacturing their product.

Happilo Super Creamy

What makes it a healthier option for us?

  • Heart’s best friend.
  • 100% roasted peanuts.
  • Long shelf life at room temperature.
  • Gluten-free products.

10. MYFITNESS Peanut Butter

The brand name offers a wide range of peanut butter exclusively for bodybuilders. It boosts the energy level as soon as they start their tasks.

MYFITNESS has a great aim to provide nutritious and delicious peanut butter. It will help you to enjoy your fitness journey with a unique taste of short-term meals.


What makes it the fittest of all?

  • Fills our system with vitamins and minerals.
  • Uses brown sugar and Himalayan salt to produce the butter.
  • Zero cholesterol and zero trans fat.

Peanut butter essentials to pick the best

Before you buy have a look at the below peanut butter essentials to find the best peanut butter.

  • No added sugar and salt
  • Gluten-free
  • Good protein content
  • Organic and roasted peanuts only
  • No palm oil
  • Fewer ingredients peanut butter
Peanut butter essentials to pick the best

In a nutshell

Peanuts are added to increase the flow of fiber and protein in our body. It may be clear to you while reading the ingredients that all the brands have common features to offer the best taste to their audience.

Moreover, it is important to look over your portion size and then go for the appropriate option.

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