Soya chunks: Nutrition facts 100g, Soybean Protein, Calories and Benefits

Let us see the benefits, protein, nutrition facts of Soya Chunks and protein in soybean chunks. These small balls are made extracting the oil and made up of soya flour.

There are numerious health benefits of soya chunks/soya beans. In recent times it has gained more popularity due to its nutrition values.

On the side, it is also a most debated topic regarding the disadvantage of soybeans due to estrogen content.

But many medical professionals believe that if you eat them in the required quantity they have a lot of health benefits to serve.

So, without delay, let us now look into the nutrition facts in 100g of Soya chunks.

Soya chunks nutrition facts in 100g and calories

100g of soya chunks contains around 345 calories in which you get 52 grams of protein, 0.50 grams of fat, 33 grams of carbs, and 13 grams of dietary fiber. Soya chunks are also rich in calcium and iron making it a perfect diet.

Nutrition value in 100 grams soya chunks (Estimated values):

Serving size100 grams
Energy (kcal)345
Dietary fiber13g

Protein in soybean chunks

If you see the table above you will find that soybean chunks are rich in protein and contain 52g of protein in 100 grams serving.

This is why they are a favorite among gym-goers as a high protein diet helps in muscle building.

High content in soya beans helps in repairing muscles after a workout. This is the reason many bodybuilders prefer to add soya chunks into their diet.

Soya chunks are the topmost choice for vegetarians gym-goers, this is why it is also called “vegetarian meat”.

But many believe that if eaten in high quantity they can damage your health due to the estrogen content in it.

But if taken in the right quantity under the supervision of medical experts, it is a boon for you.

Having said that, let us now take a look into the health benefits of soya chunks.

Health benefits of soya chunks

  • Soya chunks or soya beans are regarded as one of the best sources of plant-based protein.
  • High protein content in it helps in muscle growth and repair.
  • One study found that soya chunks are helpful in weight loss by reducing excess fat accumulation around the organs.
  • The high content of fiber in them helps in keeping you full for a longer duration, promoting weight loss
  • Some studies have shown that soybeans may reduce the risk of cancer.
  • Soybeans may also help in increased metabolism
  • They are also good for the health of your bone and skin
  • As per one study, it is found that soya chunks may help in lowering down the bad cholesterol in the human body.

Soya chunks for weight loss

High content in soya chunks makes it an ideal diet for muscle building and even weight loss. The goal of weight loss should be healthy eating in the required quantity.

Many of you may get surprised how high-carb soya chunks can help in weight loss. But the fact is, for weight loss you need to be in a calorie deficit and carb is a crucial element.

If you eat soya chunks in the required quantity as per your diet plan it can help you in weight loss and protect you from muscle loss.

Here is a guide that will help you in understanding how many carbs you should eat in a day.

Another great thing about soya chunks making it a perfect diet for weight loss is the high content of dietary fiber.

If you eat foods rich in fiber they can help you feel full for a longer duration helping you reduce unnecessary eating between meal hours.

On the other side, high protein content also helps in reducing appetite promoting weight loss.

Disclaimer: Above article is just for your information and should not be considered as medical advice. Please consult any authorized medical professional before following any of the tips and facts shared in this article.

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