Calories in one chapati: Roti nutrition facts (carbs, protein, fiber)

Let’s have a look at how many calories does one chapati or roti has. The quick answer is, one regular chapati or roti (40g) contains approx 120 calories.

For detailed nutrition facts of 1 chapati, read this article. And, do not forget to check the Roti nutrition fact table mentioned below.

Chapati plays a very important role in a typical Indian meal.

It is popularly known as Roti in North India and also called chapati in other parts of India.

It is made of wheat flour dough and prepared after rolling a small chunk of it, and then cooked on a pan.

It is a very common food that you can easily find in every Indian household.

From lunch to dinner, from poor to rich, from home to office, chapatis are everywhere.

Chapatis are a very weight loss-friendly diet if eaten in a moderation. Having a rich nutrition profile, chapatis are suggested by many diet experts to be added to a diet plan.

If it is so popular, why not see the nutrition value in one chapati or roti.

Calories in one chapati or roti

Calories in one chapati or roti Nutrition value* (40g)
Fat 3.7g
Total calories (1 Chapati)120 cal
“*” = Estimated values

How many calories in 1 wheat roti?

As you can see from the table that one regular chapati or roti (40g) contains approx 120 calories. Out of which 3.1g of proteins, 18g of carbohydrates, and 3.7g of fat are found.

Calories in one chapati or 1 roti

It is clear that one chapati/roti accounts for approx. 6% of 2000 calories of a standard adult diet.

Many people try to figure out how many calories does 2 roti or 3 rotis have. It is very simple to calculate and what it requires is your common sense. You must have got the answer. HAHAHA!

So, if you already know how many calories are in 1 roti, it is easy for you to find the total calories in 2 Rotis, 3 Rotis, and so on.

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But, if you still want me to answer then let me help you.

Carbs in roti

People get confused seeing a big number on the side of the carb of the roti. Yes, roti is rich in carbs but not necessarily not good for weight loss.

One roti has approx. 18 grams of carbs in it. So, if you are eating a 40 g chapati, you will consume about 18 grabs.

But if you eat this carb in moderation and do not overload yourself, the roti is not just weight-loss-friendly but also a very healthy diet.

I have included rotis in my diet when I was on my weight loss journey. And, I am still proudly eating and still able to maintain my weight. But, check with your dietician if you are carb sensitive.

Protein in roti

One roti of approx 40 grams has about 3.1 grams of protein. Rotis are known to be a great source of protein and many love adding this to their weight loss, weight gain, and muscle gain diet.

So, if you want to gain muscles or do not want to lose muscles during weight loss, then get the necessary protein from rotis.

Calories in 2 Rotis or Chapati

The total calories in 2 Rotis (80g) are approx 240 calories. One roti has 120 calories, so it is obvious that 2 Rotis of 40g each will have approx 120*2 = 240 calories.

Moving forward like this, we can find out calories in 3 Rotis as well.

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Calories in 3 Rotis

The total calories in 3 Rotis (120g) are approx. 360 calories. One roti has 120 calories, so it is obvious that 3 Rotis of 40g each will have approx 120*3 = 360 calories.

Calories in 100g of Chapati or Roti

100g of Roti has approx. 300 calories. It is so simple to calculate if you already know a 40g regular size chapati or roti has 120 calories.

Let me help you again, (40g+40g+20g=100g) which accounts for (120+120+60cal= 300 calories in 100g Roti)

Chapati for weight loss

Chapati is made of wheat flour which is one of the best sources of energy you can have. Wheat is rich in protein and fiber, which makes it an idle diet for weight loss.

Many people on a weight loss diet get confused seeing the carbs count in a roti. To be frank, you need to eat food in moderation if you want to lose weight.

If you consume any food out of your daily calorie budget, you will have a hard time losing weight.

Is chapati or Roti good for weight loss?

The best part with Rotis is that it is rich in fiber and is a high-protein diet making it a perfect diet for weight loss. So, it can help you stay full for a longer duration as these nutrients take time to digest.

I have reached my weight loss goal successfully and I had Rotis in my diet. I am still having Rotis and still able to maintain my current weight for 2 years.

I am able to do this because I eat chapatis in moderation.

I can not compromise with my daily nutrition need and Rotis fit best for my nutrition requirements. In case of losing weight what you have to consider is calorie deficit.

If you are in a calorie deficit, Chapatis will be like a boon to your weight loss goal.

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