10 Best resistance bands in India 2022: Best fitness bands

Get the list of best resistance bands available in India. We, humans, always strive to find elasticity in our daily lives. We imagine ourselves to be superelastic in becoming multi-taskers.

Our goal is to enhance the flexibility of our bodies. One such support equipment to provide you with the strength to build up that elasticity is Resistance Band.

I know you must be thinking that resistance tubes are also present in the market, but let’s see how Resistance Band works and we will differentiate both the equipment.

 Using these Resistance bands has shown me that it builds up perfect balance for your body. Those who do not have such balance can invest in Resistance bands.

Let’s read about the best Resistance bands in India to make your workout more effective.

These bands are considered a low-cost investment to increase your focus on building a healthy and fit body.

These bands are specifically used for glute, legs, and arms exercises. The best part is that you can pack it up and take it along with you while traveling around the world.

Let’s find the basic difference between these Resistance bands and Resistance tubes.

The tubes are not that supportive in the heavy workout sessions as compared to the Resistance bands.

The Resistance bands chosen in the list are specified from the high price range to the low price range. Let’s start with the most popular exercise tools in the top-rated list.

Top 10 best resistance bands in India

1. Burnlab Resistance Band (price range around 3.5k)

Whenever you decide to buy an exercise tool, we look into the price range and the usage of the same. It costs around the price range of ₹3.5k.

Looking into the features, the Band comes in 4 sets. The weight of the band ranges from 10 kg to 45 kg.

This brand promises the band to survive longer for various exercise activities. The rubber used in bands is of efficient quality.

One point that faces a backlash is the lowest Resistance Band is hard to use for beginners.

2. Fit Mammal Resistance Band Set (price range around 2.5k)

Best resitsance band by Fit Mammal

Another Resistance Band that I have personally tried is this Fit Mammal. When I bought this Band, I was amazed to look into the quality of the equipment.

It was beyond my expectations and the brand gives a lifetime warranty for the set. It was easy to use for me as I used it as per the features given in their e-book.

They offer the best quality double-layer latex.

The brand also helps the users to buy the set as per their body weight which is helpful for the beginners to think about the size and the durability of the equipment.

One main point that I missed was it looks like a Resistance Tube, not a Band. It is priced around the range of ₹2.5k which is worth the quality received from the product.

3. Kobo Power Loop/Resistance Band (price range around 2k)

Best resitsance bands in India by KOBO

Another brand that I am going to talk about is Kobo Power Loop that comes in the form of a resistance band. Its tension rate lies between 15-85 LBS.

There is a combo of 3 levels of the resistance bands and the tension rate differs as per different levels.

The item weighs around 500g which is sufficient to cost around the range of ₹2k.

Safe pull-ups are the ideal form of exercise for this equipment. There is no option for the warranty policy.

4. SOLARA Unbreakable Resistance (price range around 2k)

Best resitsance bands in India by SOLARA

The brand has a strong grip to hold the bands for heavy workout sessions. The band has 3 layers connected with one grip.

The product ensures safety during workouts that cost in the price range of ₹2k.  Extensions are given to assemble by yourself.

The product comes with a secure door anchor to perform versatile exercise sessions. Surprisingly, these power loops come in the form of Resistance tubes.

The design is specifically determined for beginners. Yoga Pilates is the best exercise for this equipment.

5. FITSY® Complete Resistance(price range around 2k)

The brand presents five stackable Resistance bands with one pair of ankle straps, one pair of handles, and one door anchor to maintain stability during your workout sessions.

The bands can be used together with the handles available. The price range for the brand costs around ₹2k. It helps in building up your body’s balance.

One major backlash that my friends found out after trying was the quality of rubber. No matter how many extensions these bands have, the quality should not be compromised.

6. FEGSY Resistance Bands Set for Exercise (price range around 1.5k)

Best resitsance bands in India by FEGSY

The product use steps are given along with some extensions to diversify your exercise routines. The life of warranty policy is not specified.

It has a maximum Resistance level of 150 LBS. It will surely help you to increase your stamina with the good quality rubber used for the elasticity. This brand is designed specifically for beginners.

7. Theraband Latex Free Active Recovery Kits (price range around 1.5k)

This Resistance Band does not restrict the user to use it for a limited time. Various colors are available for the bands with the alternative to use heavy dumbbells.

The bands are weighed at 4.6 LBS maximum. It costs in the price range of ₹1.5k.

The Resistance Band is latex-free for the sensitivity of some allergic people. The all-season style presents a good picture for beginners to try it for their workout activities.

The warranty policy is not properly specified. The grip of the bands holds a good power.  While it is a lightweight Band, it can be stretched to a limited point.

8. AmazonBasics Resistance and Pull up Band (price range around 1k)

We all know how Amazon comes with its unique brands to deliver the best exercise equipment. This time it has introduced a Resistance band that costs around the range of ₹1k.

The elasticity is good here but it does not have any handles for the strong grip. The maximum Resistance weighs around 56.7 kg.

The band comes with more accessories increasing the price range of the particular set. Overall, these Resistance bands can be good for people who may not require the handles to hold the grip strongly.

9. BULMARC’s Resistance Band Pull Up Assist Bands Resistance Bands (price range around 800)

Anti-snap natural latex is used for the making and it costs around the range of ₹800. The band has a premium finish to increase its durability for a long time.

The brand offers a 12 months replacement guarantee. The heaviest resistance level for the XHeavy is around 72 kgs.

The bands are heavy in weight but the durability wins a plus point. These bands are versatile to use for all kinds of exercise but in a safe manner.

The handles are not given for the handgrip so one can wear gloves to hold it stable.

10. SLOVIC Resistance Tube/Band with Sturdy Handles (price range around 500)

The last brand has some valuable features which you cannot miss under the price range of ₹500. It has strong handles with a length of 120 cms offering a Resistance up to 45 LBS.

The Resistance Tube has been offered by this brand which is much durable and efficient. It also has a door anchor to increase the versatility of your workout sessions.

This Tube can stretch 4 times its length with a thick layer with odorless and anti-tear features. I would think it is worth buying this amazing set of Resistance tubes.

The 10 days replacement could be improved as a warranty policy. Overall, the features are worth the price range.

Quick recap table for best resistance bands 2021

Top 10 best resistance bands/tubes in India 2021Brand Name
Burnlab Resistance Band Burnlab
Fit Mammal Resistance Band SetFit Mammal
Kobo Power Loop/Resistance BandKOBO
SOLARA Unbreakable Resistance  SOLARA
FITSY Complete Resistance FITSY
FEGSY Resistance Bands Set for Exercise  FEGSY
Theraband Latex Free Active Recovery Kits Theraband
AmazonBasics Resistance and Pull up Band  AmazonBasics
BULMARC’s Resistance Band BULMARC
SLOVIC Resistance Tube/Band with Sturdy Handles SLOVIC

FAQs: Best resistance bands in India

  1. <span style="font-size: 1rem;">Are these best Resistance bands in India better than weights?</span>

    Well, every piece of equipment has its specific game to play in the sessions. The weights can be used after using the resistance bands so that they could hold up the perfect stability when doing weight training.

  2. <span style="font-size: 1rem;">How do beginners use these best Resistance bands?</span>

    Beginners can choose a set of exercises to practice from the bands so that they can focus on those sets of exercises before moving on to the higher level. After all, the main aim of these bands is to build up the lost strength of the body before selecting heavy weight training.

  3. Can you use these best Resistance bands in India every day?

    Yes, we can use these bands for our everyday workout goals. These resistance bands are safe to use unless the quality does not allow you to use them every day. The Resistance training will lead you to work on every muscle efficiently.

  4. Are the best Resistance bands in India good for weight loss?

    If you are following your Resistance training positively, then it will not only build up your muscle but also helps to maintain your body weight as the flexibility will come back to handle your internal system effectively.


I know you must be thinking that earlier there was a difference between resistance tubes that they might not be suitable for the heavy workout sessions; however, there might be the quality concern for different brands.

The best Resistance bands in India are the best for a light as well as a heavy workout depending upon your exercise style.

Moreover, the price range for these bands is a low-cost investment in building up a perfect balance for your body without spending a lump sum amount on other gym credentials.

Furthermore, I encourage all the gym equipment if you are dedicated enough to maintain your physique.

Bringing a Resistance band can build up your muscles at home with a proper diet plan ensuring that the quality of the band is not compromised.

Go grab yours!!

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