Best cycles under 15000 and 10000 in India in 2023

Fed up with finding the list of best cycles in India under 15000 and 10000? Here are the complete reviews of the best cyles in India to buy today.

But before I bring you the list, I want to ask you a question.

Going back to childhood, what was your most favorite thing or let’s say favorite activity?

It was riding a bicycle for me. I remember when my father bought me the first cycle of my life.

After that I grew up as a great lover of bicycles, it was amazing to ride a cycle and keep your body fit at the same time.

Nowadays, there are many gear cycles to make your ride faster as well as smoother.

There are several cycles including city cycles, folding bikes, off-road cycles, and hybrid cycles. And nowadays, e-bikes/e-cycles are getting popularity in countries like India and the USA. Many Indian and USA e-bikes companies have emerged recently.

As the name suggests, each type has its own motives and purpose.

For example, you must have seen that street cycles and off-road cycles have different suspensions and tires.

Let’s read about the best gear cycles under 15000 in India. As time is moving forward, gear cycles are fetching the demand among all the young riders.

Here is the list of best cycles under ₹15,000 and 10,000 in India to make your hunt for the best cycle easy.

Best cycles under 15000 in India in 2023

1. Firefox Bikes Grunge-D, 27.5T Mountain cycle

Best cycles under 15000 by Firefox

Although most cycles will come in a category of mountain bikes, we can plan our rides for the plains as well.

The brand gives a lifetime warranty on its frame material with a 6 months warranty on the other parts. Front suspension fork with alloy disc brakes has good control over your balancing power.

The wheel size is given as 27.5 which is good. It has a disk brake system in 85% assembled condition.

While assembling the parts, it is important to look for all the essential parts – do we have it or not? Will it be changed if it does not fit right at the moment?

Yes, these questions are mandatory to think upon if your cycle is not coming in the fully assembled condition.

2. Firefox Bikes Nexus-D, 17 inch steel 27.5T Mountain Cycle

Here comes a cycle that I have gifted to my brother and I have personally used as well. With the great review in the market and trust in the brand, I bought this cycle.

The moment it arrived at our home, we were mesmerized by the sleek design and beautiful grey color with white branding on the frame.

Not just design and color, we were very happy with the performance. As a downside, we found that the company should have provided mudguards.

But it was not a big deal for us, we found something sturdy, beautiful, and good-performing cycle under 15k. I will rate it a whopping 8 on a scale of 10.

The mountain cycle is made up of a steel frame that we can consider sturdy and durable. There are many more advantages of this cycle as it has a mechanical disc brake system for power breaking.

There are double-wall rims for extra strength while applying the power brakes. The user manual is given along with some tools to assemble it when it arrives at your place.

It has a 6-month warranty policy which is a decent one. It has easy seat adjustment features to make you feel like you can ride it as per your conditions.

For the first free service, you can book online on their website and they will give you a free service for the normal checkups

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3. Sea Hawk Front Suspension 21-speed Adventure Sports Mountain Bike

Best cycles under 15000 by sea Hawk

This brand has an amazing mountain bike with 21-speed combinations. It can be available in two colors with a disc brake system.

The tire inches are also great with a measurement of 26×2. It has a warranty policy given as well. It is made up of carbon steel with a good quality build-up.

The months in the warranty policy are not clearly given as one of the shortcomings.

Overall, this product is easy to assemble and provides good comfort to the rider with the efficient working of pedals.

4. Viva Race 27.5T Single Speed Dual-Disc Mountain Bike

Best cycles under 15000 by Viva

This brand has several categories of cycles available for cycle lovers. It has been the most improving part of Viva cycles to provide better suspension with comfortable seatings.

The tyre inches are given as 27.5 inches. It is designed for bumpy roads with a disc brake system. It can be a good purchase until you want a more specified quantity for your cycles.

Mudguard is included with the reflectors. No specific months have been given in the warranty policy

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5. Hero Sprint Growler 27.5T 21 speed with dual disc

Another amazing cycle that comes under this brand is this mountain bike that comes with 27.5 inches. It has 21-speed transmissions with an MTB handlebar.

It has dual disc brakes for better control over your balance. It has a nice built-up quality. Overall, it is a good fit for people of all ages.

There are no batteries included in the cycle which is a bit low point for this cycle. No doubt, it produces the best gear cycles under 15000 in India.

Once we have seen the list of top 5 best cycles under 15000 in India. Now, let us look at the list of the top 5 best cycles under 10,000 in India

Top 5 best cycles under 10000 in India Brand Name
Hero Sprint Next 24T 18 speed Mountain Bike Hero
Hero Kyoto 26T Single Speed Mountain Bike Hero
Geekay Hashtag 26 T Single Speed Steel Mountain Bicycle Geekay
Hero Sprint Men’s frame 18 inches Santiago 26T Hybrid City Bike Hero
Viva Ryde on 26T Mountain Bike Viva

Top 5 best cycles under 10000 in India

1. Hero Sprint Next 24T 18 speed Mountain Bike

Best cycles under 10000 by Hero

Well as the name suggests, it is a mountain gear bike to allow you offloading to get the most adventurous ride for the end of your day.

I love off-road bikes as they will be running smoothly on the road and getting a relaxed ride off the road as well.

It has got dual suspension with a nice suspension frame. Non-slip paddles are given to assemble as it might lead to imbalance if the paddles are not firm.

The brand has one of the best cycles in India. The number of speeds is given as 18.

It has a 2 years warranty with the assembling manual and tools given to work on your cycle to give it more grip.

The frame material is made up of steel with a V brake system. Overall, it is a good purchase for your daily rides.

One thing to notice is that it is a bit short for people who might have a long height.

2. Hero Kyoto 26T Single Speed Mountain Bike

The cycle can come in both the categories of a road bike as well as a mountain bike. It has linear-pull brakes with anti-skid pedals.

The rigid suspension gives the cycle an extra advantage to ride for a good hour. The wheel size is given as 26 inches.

The V brake system makes it more clear to ride in a comfortable way. One point to note is that it has a single-speed gear with no mudguard along with it.

The frame material is made up of steel. It will come in 85% assembled condition.

On the account of how to buy the best gear cycles under 15,000 for yourself, the brand has a lot to offer to its customers of every age. One can consider this brand in their list

3. Geekay Hashtag 26 T Single Speed Steel Mountain Bicycle – Non Gear cycle for adults

It has been a long time since we are talking about gear cycles, but there are several gearless cycles that one must consider in their list.

One of them is this brand with an 18-inch steel frame. This cycle is lightweight. It has double-wall alloy rims with dual disk brakes to never compromise on your safety.

It will give you an amazing experience with a comfortable ride. The full-finger soft-grip handle lets you have a defined balance around your rides

4. Hero Sprint Men’s frame 18 inches Santiago 26T Hybrid City Bike

The brand comes with non-gear cycles and I had to list this one with the several benefits given to the rider. It has a great performance period to provide comfort to the rider at all steps.

It has a U Brake system with double alloy rims. Wheel size is 26 inches which is good for most of the riders. It has a 3 months warranty policy which could be better.

5. Viva Ryde on 26T Mountain Bike

This cycle has a tall built-up with 26 inches of the wheel for a better ride experience. Mudguard is included in the cycle with a linear-pull brake.

It has a lightweight structure and is easy to assemble as well. All the necessary tools and manuals are given with the cycle to easily assemble it and here is your cycle ready to give you the best ride possible.

When we search the difference between the gear cycles and the gearless cycles – Gearless cycles will give you an easy way to climb up small hills and take up a little adventure outside the city. 

Moreover, the city rides will suit gear cycles efficiently.

Cycling – The most popular exercise in the lockdown period.

After reading about all the best cycles in India, have you wondered what is the utmost need to buy the cycle or what are the benefits of cycling that we all must know to boost our purchase decisions?

Let’s have a look at what are the benefits of cycling!!

Benefits of cycling

  1. Helps in improving your posture and creates a wonderful balance.

Remember when your parents taught you to balance your moves on your first cycle!! They had a logic behind this.

Cycling helps in improving your balancing power as you will be able to work it through the two tyres.

It also helps in creating a perfect balance for the people who suffered from fractures or any severe falls.

Moreover, it will balance out all your worries with the things that you are grateful for!

It might be an awkward experience for any person who is trying for the first time, but believe me, it will be the best experience for your life.

  1. Carbon-neutral exercise

Do you sometimes think that you need to focus on preserving your environment from upcoming disasters?

Well, you can do this easily and it will be acting as one arrow, two targets.

You will be meeting the needs of your body to be fit as well as saving energy in the environment by riding pollution-free vehicles.

Try cycling in those areas where you feel that the number of vehicles should be less around you.

  1. Helps in weight management and bringing back the strength to your body

I have experienced it myself that it is a great solution for sudden weight gain. It was my mantra to ride the cycle for at least an hour.

It helped me to maintain my weight even in the distressing period.

It was the best decision of my life to buy the cycle and implement the cycling goals as it gave strength to my legs without crying on a leg day.

  1. Gives you a positive mindset

If I tell you that cycling is a gem of all exercises, believe me, because it is true.

It will help you in stabilizing your mental health as you will be giving out a crucial period ( of 1 hour) to yourself.

It is a treat to your mind to think about your growth in these hours or just think nothing – Give up all your thoughts and enjoy these moments with good music.

I have been cycling for a long time and now I know how important it is to balance out all your emotions.

  1. Reduces the anxiety levels

We all know how our anxiety levels rose up in the lockdown period. It was all because of spending more hours at home.

Well, what could we do to avoid it?? Cycling!! Yes, it is one of the best health benefits of cycling.

There has been a commendable increase in cycling in India in various states. All we could see on the roads were different cycles – gear as well as gearless.

Is that a sign that people are moving towards the healthy side of the road? Yes, definitely!!.

This is how cycling changed my life and gave me a rest from my mood swings at odd hours.

What are you waiting for!!

Final thought on best cycles in India

Cycles are the most bought commodity during the lockdown period as people became more active towards keeping themselves fit and healthy.

It is, undoubtedly, the best investment for people who want to carry on their cardio exercises without going to gyms.

It is the best ride with your loved ones in the summery nights or for any hill station rides.

Wherever you go, you will find all these cyclists in a group getting up every heart to start riding it again.

Imagine the cool weather after a tough day at your work and you are thinking of relaxing and going out for a walk.

What’s better?? Go cycling!!

As you will feel more refreshed when the cool breeze hits your face!! For me, the best time is during nights or early mornings because why not??

To conclude, we all loved cycling in our childhood, so what are we hiding now?

It is the best exercise that one could have regardless of any age. Even senior citizens are enjoying the rides in their area.

The best part of cycling is it does not need any upgrades before going for a ride, but please do look at all the brake functions even if you have a gearless cycle.

Don’t forget to wear the mask and maintain social distance in your lane.

Happy Shopping!! Happy Cycling!!

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