New year resolution 2025: 5 things to do for sure weight loss success

The new year 2023 is approaching and many of you must be planning to take a new fitness resolution. For me, resolution = re+solution.

It means if the previous solution has not worked, you need to revamp or repurpose your old solution.

In this post, I will guide you through the 5 most important steps to take in order to design a solid new year weight loss resolution.

After reading this, I am sure you will see the meaning of resolution in an entirely different way.

Here you go…

5 steps for a perfect new year weight loss resolution for 2023

1. Look at what is already working for you

This is a very important step. I am sure if you are planning to take a new year resolution for weight loss, you have already tried but failed and got demotivated previously.

Let me tell you, motivation is the key here. It is very very important to keep for sure weight loss success. I tried to lose weight for several years until 2019 when I was finally able to reach my weight loss goal.

I was doing everything but every time I failed in those years. When I have done my self-screening I found out I am missing motivation and was leaving my fitness journey in the mid every time.

For me, weight loss motivation, mindset and commitment is more important than just diet and workouts

I highly highly recommend reading this guide before proceeding further: Weight loss motivation: Tips to inspire your journey

2. Enhance your knowledge for a solid new year resolution

Here is another step nobody is talking about when it comes to losing weight successfully. Yes, knowledge and information is the key to remaining motivated and sticking to your fitness goal.

Everybody knows diet and workouts help you lose weight. But how many are actually executing? In many cases, I have seen a lack of information as the culprit.

Getting informed keeps you intact with your goal and lets you not be distracted.

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3. Engage in fitness talks (Key to weight loss new year resolution)

I am not going to talk just about diet and workouts because I know you already know how important are they. Also, you might have gotten tired of hearing the same advice floating here and there.

So, here is another step nobody is talking about. Engage yourself as much as you can in fitness talks and activities.

The best way you can do this is to join fitness forums, Facebook groups, etc. Further, you can join any local fitness group in your city for this.

Doing this will certainly add confidence and build positive pressure to lose weight and reach your fitness goal with others. You can join me on Instagram: Connect with me

4. Stay away from distractors

Figure out what distracts you from your weight loss goal. You will find in most cases your own excuses are the biggest culprit.

Look closely, if you are in the wrong group where people only talk about eating junk food. Look further, if you need to uninstall any food ordering app and switch to any fitness and diet apps.

These small things matter and you need to work smartly.

5. Start small and take smaller steps

Many fail because they do not know how to start right. I have seen people try to do the hard things first and if things are not working for them they just leave everything midway getting demotivated.

What you need to do is to start small and play smartly. To stick to your goal you need to stick to your plans.

If you are planning to lose weight, start with simple walking then gradually go with brisk walking and then running.

Go slow but make sure to reach your goal well. It may take some time but once thing will start working, you will end up doing even the hardest stuff in your life.

I would also recommend you talk less and execute more. Also, another piece of advice I would like to give is to go alone for walking.

Walking in a group or with your friends is not a good idea always. You need to work on your focus and stay committed to your weight loss goal and resolution.

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