Viral Kohli loves drinking Black Water: Know its benefits

Virat Kohli, the renowned Indian cricketer needs no introduction. Kholi has been spotted holding his favorite black water bottle on many occasions. He also talked publically about his affection for drinking black water.

Fans get curious to know the reasons for Kholi’s special love for black water. Not just Virat but many celebrities have been spotted drinking black water.

Today, in this post we will see the 5 benefits of drinking black water.

But before we start talking about benefits, let’s have a quick look at the introduction of black water.

What is black water?

Virat kholi black water benefit

Black water is also called alkaline water which is a nutrient-rich beverage and has a higher level of pH value.

And, this is the reason why black water is more expensive than normal water.

Compared to black alkaline water which has a pH value of above 8 normal water has a pH value of about 6. A higher pH value means the black water has more alkaline and less basic.

Black water is rich in nutrients including Magnesium Sulfate, Calcium Chloride, Potassium, etc.

5 Benefits of drinking black water

1. May slow down the aging process

Everybody wants to look young and energetic. Black water is widely popular for its benefits in slowing down the aging process. Some research has been done in this regard but we need more evidence to prove this.

But still many believe that drinking alkaline water helps in slowing down the aging process.

Maybe this is the reason why many celebrities from Virat Kholi to Malaika Arora loves drinking black water that has a higher level of pH value.

Do you know: the pH level is measured on a scale of 0 to 14? A pH of 1 is regarded as most acidic and 14 to be most alkaline

2. May keep your heart healthy

Drinking black water may also reduce the risk of many heart diseases (cardiovascular disease) and keeps your heart healthy. The high mineral content in alkaline water may reduce the risk of cancer and other heart diseases.

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3. Helps in managing acid reflux

Black water being rich in alkaline may reduce the activity of enzymes responsible for acid reflux and thereby helps patients in managing acid reflux. But we need more solid studies in this regard.

4. Helpful for diabetic people

Drinking black alkaline water may reduce blood glucose levels which is beneficial for patients with diabetes. It has antioxidant properties which are also helpful for a healthy body.

5.  Beneficial to bone and better sleep

Drinking black water may also help in keeping your bone healthy. Consuming black water is also helpful for better sleep and may improve performance in sports.

Final Thought

You have seen how drinking black water can be helpful in maintaining good health. And this is the reason why many celebrities prefer to drink black water over normal water.

For higher pH levels in the water, people are willing to give higher prices. Black water is expensive and not everyone can afford to drink black water on a regular basis.

But it does not mean normal water is not good. If you drink clean water regularly it will be always good for a healthy lifestyle.

It is still controversial if drinking black water has benefits or if it is just a well-marketed expensive product. Also, these bottle products can not be always relied on for being 100% natural.

People go by trend and this black water is in trend.

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