111 Best morning routine checklist & ideas with a chart

Looking for the best morning routine checklist and ideas to make your whole day productive? This is why we brought a list of them for you, to charge up your whole day.

You will find every successful person talking about their morning routines and how they made them achieve their goals.

Do you know why we need these best morning routine ideas firsthand? Because they will impact your entire day by affecting:

  • Your mood
  • Your working speed
  • Progress rate
  • The goals and results

and thus your entire life.

How do I start a morning routine?

Starting a new habit can be a little challenging. But then I know that you’re strong enough for that.

When I started my morning routine, I practically kicked myself out of the bed and did everything for the first day. But then I loved the amount of freshness I felt the entire day.

Here is my secret recipe for the best morning routines:

  • Wake up early
  • Perform stretches
  • Drink tea/Coffee
  • Play with your pet
  • Take a bath
  • Get Dressed
  • Do your hair and makeup.

POWER UP: Being Consistent is the key.

Checklist of Best Morning Routine Ideas:

A. The Morning Routine starts with popping your eyes open:

The routine starts as soon as you open your eyes because every second thought, action, and reaction will affect your whole mood. And as you’re looking for productivity, I should share a trick with you.

So, once upon a time, I was simply looking for a solution to keep my mood bright and shiny throughout the day. One of my friends suggested that I smile for the rest of the day. It sounds simple but strange.

Because how can a forceful smile affect my day? But it did.

Since then, I suggest everyone keep on smiling even if they don’t have any reason either.

Sometimes fooling our brain does wonder.

So here are the best morning routines to keep great ideas in your head throughout the day:

  1. Put up a smile
  2. Make your bed
  3. open the curtains and windows
  4. feel the sunshine
  5. breathe deeply
  6. Stretch your muscles
  7. Brush your teeth
  8. floss
  9. tongue scrape
  10. Drink water
  11. apply some hair oil
  12. Wash your face
  13. Put on a face mask
  14. Clip your nails
  15. Take a shower
  16. Get dressed for a morning workout
  17. Perform your skin care routine.
  18. workout
  19. massage
  20. Try a new hairstyle
  21. get ready for the day
  22. Put on different makeup

B. Come out of the cave now:

Now as you have come out of your room, you should have a list of best morning practice ideas so that you won’t get disturbed on your journey.


  1. Say hello to family and friends
  2. Check the weather
  3. drink water with lemon
  4. water the plants
  5. Plant a seed
  6. fill up your water bottle
  7. take your music player and headphones
  8. Take your pet for a walk
  9. Go for a run
  10. visit a park
  11. Sitting on the grass
  12. do yoga
  13. take a sip from a water bottle
  14. meditate
  15. visualize open land with trees and birds.
  16. feel the morning warmth
  17. Listen to calm music
  18. consume coconut oil
  19. listen to a podcast while returning home
  20. pass on the smile to neighbors

C. Hopping back inside the house:

You see, we have made your day filled with positive energies and vibrations.

But, we can’t leave you just like that. Yes, now you have to follow a bunch of best morning routine ideas to complete your daily chores.

In this way, when you start your day with education yourself or working for yourself, you will have ZERO stress about anything else.

  1. Put your shoes in their place
  2. Smile at workers
  3. Eat some almonds and nuts
  4. make tea and coffee
  5. Make a healthy breakfast
  6. clean the dishes
  7. clean out the cup
  8. grab the newspaper
  9. put the new paperback on the stand.
  10. Spend some quality time with your partner

D. We need a FOCVITY map

I always begin my day by removing the pillows from the bed and placing them on my laptop desk. But in this way, I usually get a minimum of the result that I expected.

One day, I thought about planning it before doing anything. I jotted down my gratitude, and then I made a list of the tasks.

I even divided the number of hours accordingly. And Bingo! That day, I got 80% of the work goals completed.

Also, before you search, let us tell you something.

FOVITY is not a word. We made it with FOCUS + POSITIVITY

So here is the morning routine list for you to plan and start:

  1. grab your journal
  2. demonstrate gratitude
  3. Pen down your first though
  4. jot down affirmations
  5. Write down your future goals
  6. Visualize your team life
  7. Pen down goals for the day
  8. plan for achieving your daily goal
  9. Make a mental note of your day.
  10. Make a one-word description.
  11. shoot a selfie video for your future self.
  12. Click a picture
  13. reduce the size of your tasks
  14. create a vision board

E. Here is your energy drink:

As we need food to charge up and get energy. Similarly, our minds need a positivity booster, to bring creativity to our simple morning routine.

This is why I always start by reading a book. This makes me feel like a supergirl ready to fight against any battle.

Here I am sharing my secret code of best morning routine ideas:

  1. Read a book
  2. Listen to podcast
  3. Read a poem
  4. watch the TED talk
  5. Read a positive quote
  6. Read positive blogs or posts
  7. Learn new words
  8. Pen down 10 new ideas
  9. discover a new fascinating fact

F. Write a letter

Imagine yourself holding a letter that you wrote 4 years back.

See you are smiling. And again, after reading the above line.

This happens because you know how far you came as compared to 4 years back.

We trust your strength. This is why writing a letter about your past and future will be something like a small investment toward your happiness.

Pull up your sleeves and write a letter NOW.

Power Up: You can use your Google Keep account too for this purpose.

  1. Pen down a letter to your old self
  2. Pen down a letter for your future self

G. Decluttering your desk:

As you have shifted your schedule to finally begin working for the day.

How about a fresh and clean desk?

Yes, it sounds good. But it can’t happen unless you do it by yourself.

This is why decluttering was included in our list of the best morning routine ideas.

  1. Remove the access paperwork
  2. places files on the right hardcovers
  3. minimize the items on your desk
  4. Open your laptop
  5. Delete any temporary files

H. An hour of learning:

While I was using my LinkedIn profile, I came through this post, which asked a very simple question.

“EVOLVING OR REVOLVING: What did you do today?”

This is so true. We focus on doing the same thing every day, without realizing that we can’t grow while remaining the same.

This is why, while making a morning routine for success, you must add an hour of learning to it.

  1. Spend an hour learning a language
  2. work an hour on a new hustle
  3. launch your blog
  1. Get Organized:

Don’t you want to achieve your goals as soon as possible? This is why we suggest you put a bar against each one of your goals.

Then divide them into years, months, weeks, and days so that achieving them is easy and simple.

  1. Plan your week
  2. Plan your month
  3. Plan your year
  4. Update your budget
  5. pay the bills
  6. get your work supplies ready for the day

I. Shop for yourself

What if you start working on your dream goal exactly as your list of best morning routine ideas, but suddenly your mind alarms you about the empty shampoo bottle?

Sounds disturbing, right?

This is why I give 10 minutes to buy everything that I need before starting.

  1. buy your necessities
  2. purchase refills and filters
  3. shop for groceries
  4. shop for the outfits you need
  5. Purchase the toiletries ahead of time

J. Do some cleaning

If you can’t find something to buy or if you’re still feeling that you need some time before jamming up with your daily routine, then we suggest you do some cleaning instead.

This will not only fill your list with the best morning routine ideas but will make your surroundings clean and fresh.

  1. do the laundry
  2. Your clothes should be dry cleaned.
  3. mend your clothes
  4. clean out space
  5. repair any broken things
  6. Wash your car
  7. Clean the interior of your car

Finding peace

Sometimes, even after doing everything in our hands, we can’t find any bit of peace in our hearts.

But then our will is strong enough to break like that.

So I thought that a healthy morning routine must have a section to bring peace to your soul too.

For that you need to:

  1. Listen to a stranger
  2. Talk to a friend
  3. Forgive someone who hurts you
  4. Go on a date with yourself
  5. shuffle out the furniture
  6. donate things, clothes which you don’t need anymore.
  7. purchase some food for a homeless person
  8. talk to homeless people

How to jam your morning routine checklist into habit?

As I have shared my best morning routine checklist and ideas with you, I want to help you with masking them into your habit too.

This may take some time for you, but if you remain consistent, it will be super interesting. Here we have some suggestions for you:

  • Take baby steps
  • Choose one habit and work on it at a time.
  • Make commitments to yourself
  • Give treats to your body after every successful day
  • Prepare yourself for morning routine obstacles
  • Share your success with others.

Morning Routine ideas checklist chart:

Now I am sharing my best morning routine chart with you.

You can simply print it out on paper and stick it on the wall/board in front.

Morning Routine ideas checklist chart

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