5 Best white shirt matching pant (Jeans) combination ideas

Another post another topic and this time with the list of 5 best white shirt matching pant combination ideas. A white shirt is a very common color and almost all love to have one in their wardrobe.

These white shirts are very much popular in offices and professional places. Some treat white color shirt to be part of discipline and royalty, as it requires good maintenance.

There are a lot of colors that can go well white a white color shirt. Because white can perfectly match any color of pants. It is a universal match that fits well with any color.

But, if you want to look more professional or are confused about how to carry a white on casual occasions, let me help you with my list.

As I have mentioned, white can match almost all other colors of pants but in this post, I will pick the best of the best matches.

Not just color match, I will also guide you on how to wear it and what extra elements you can add to look more attractive and appealing.

So, without killing more time, let us get started with the list of top 5 white shirt-matching pant combination ideas.

5 Best white shirt matching pant combination ideas(Formal and casual)

1. White Shirt Black Pant Combination (Formal and casual)

White shirt black pant outfit combination

Let’s start the list with the most popular match. Yes, the most popular match is black and white. The white-black now has become like a phrase, black & white TV, Black & white outfit, etc.

Another good thing about white and black colors is that they both are very common colors. I am sure, if you open your wardrobe, you will end up having a black or white cloth.

And, this is why this match is a universal match. So, if you are in hurry and want to best match your white shirt, just grab your black pant and you are all set.

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Next comes about what all elements to add to this attire. This depends on what occasion you are going to wear. If you going out for professional work, you can match your black-white outfit with black or brown leather formal shoes.

In case, if you are going out to parties or chilling out with your friends, you can wear white canvas shoes. At casual occasions, you can also try your white shirt with black jeans.

2. White Shirt Blue Pant Match Outfit

After black comes another popular match that fits nicely with a white shirt. And this color is “Blue”.

The blue color like black is another great combination. This white-blue match is the most beautiful combo I would say.

It happens with me, If I am bored of white-black, I just grab my blue pant and match it with my white shirt. For office work, you can wear black formal shoes with your blue cotton pant.

3. White Shirt Blue Jeans Casual Match Outfit

White Shirt Blue Jeans outfit combination

Both blue cotton pants and blue jeans (light and dark) are a perfect match. Blue jeans make sense for casual occasions.

For a formal outfit, you can try blue cotton pants with a white shirt. A white sneaker also matches well with your light blue jeans.

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Below is the white with dark blue jeans match combo. Have a look.

 White Shirt Blue Blue Pant Match combination

4. White Shirt Grey Matching Pant Combination

This is my personal best less-known match. A grey pant and a white shirt match so beautifully. This combo looks great on any occasion I must say.

I like them so much that I have more grey pants than any other color pants for this year. This is because blue and black are so common and grey looks something different.

Slowly, this color is heating up and becoming a new trend and the first choice of many. Also, white sneakers can grab people’s attention when with a white-grey outfit.

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5. White Shirt Olive Green Pant

Like grey, the olive green pant is a unique match. This is the least popular but very appealing. It always depends on how you are going to carry this match.

I would prefer to match a light shade of olive than wearing anything dark. But it does not mean a dark shade of olive is not a good deal. It is all about your choice and dressing sense.

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A black or brown loafer can match this white-olive outfit.

But personally, I like wearing white sneakers when wearing a darker shade of olive green pants with a white shirt. If I am wearing a lighter shade of olive green pants, a pair of black loafers is my first choice.

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