6 Best blue jeans matching shirt combination ideas (Dark & Light)

Hi Guys! I bring you another great set of outfit ideas today i.e. blue jeans matching shirt combinations ideas.

Blue jeans are very common apparel. It is so common that there is a high chance you too have one in your wardrobe.

Buying a blue jeans is so satisfying but many fail to match them with the right shirt colors and combinations.

This is why I bring you this small guide where I will guide you on the most loved blue jeans matching shirt outfit ideas. Not just outfit combinations, I will also guide you on the right color match.

So, without wasting time let’s get started with the blue jeans matching shirt list of ideas. Here you go…

6 Best blue jeans matching shirt outfit combinations (Dark, Light & Sky Blue)

1. Black shirt with light blue jeans and sneakers

Black is a color that matches well with any other color. So, if you are confused about what to match, just pick a black shirt or pants next time.

And this is why I thought to start the list with a black shirt and blue jeans outfit match. Also, for better contrast, you can wear a lighter blue shade of jeans with your black shirt.

But, if you wish to wear dark blue jeans with a black shirt, there is no harm. You can go ahead with dark blue jeans as well.

Next, if you want to add more elements to this outfit, you can wear a black leather belt and a pair of white sneakers.

To give a bold personality, you can roll your sleeves halfway. Also, it is better not to tuck in your shirt with blue jeans.

2. Sky blue jeans with a dark blue shirt outfit idea

Yes, you heard it right. A blue can match a blue. Like the man in black, you can be the man in blue as well.

You can match the dark-light shade to give a better contrast to your appearance. I mean, you can match a lighter shade of blue jeans with a dark blue shirt.

But if you wish to match it with dark blue jeans, you can go with this idea as well.

A dark can match a dark. Also, it is said that if you want to look a little thin, you can prefer wearing darker shades. If not, light blue jeans or a blue shirt is always a good idea.

3. White shirt with a blue jeans combination idea

Like black, you can also match a white casual shirt with your blue jeans. Dark blue jeans are preferred over a lighter shade of it for better contrast.

You can wear a pair of boots with this outfit. Further adding elements like a metal watch or a metal bracelet is not a bad idea. These extra elements will add toughness to your style.

More Ideas:

4. Olive green shirt with blue jeans attire

This is a very unique match and a little less common blue jeans combination. Unique match, unique appearance.

There are occasions when people get an olive green shirt and get confused about the right match. A blue jeans with your olive green shirt is not a bad idea at all.

Just remember, if your shirt is in a lighter shade, match it with dark blue jeans or else light blue jeans.

Also, wearing white sneakers with this outfit will add charm to your appearance. A brown leather belt watch is another great element to add to this outfit.

5. Blue jeans-shirt with a blue jeans pant

This is another popular style that goes well with your blue jeans. Yes, a blue jeans-shirt look like a world outfit match with a blue jeans-pant.

A sturdy outfit for a strong and tough personality. For extra toughness to your style, you can roll your shirt sleeve halfway.

Further matching this outfit with a pair of boots will add extra strength to your personality.

This is one of my most loved blue jeans outfits that I prefer wearing when chilling out with my friends.

6. Blue jeans match with a light-grey shirt

Light grey is another unique match with your blue jeans and is a little less common match. But being less common does not mean this is not a perfect match idea.

Perhaps, wearing this outfit will save you from other old boring ideas. Matching this with a pair of white sneakers is another great addition.

If I have to match, I would match this grey shirt to come up with a unique idea.

By the way, how was this list of blue jeans outfit ideas? And, which outfit is your favorite? If you have more ideas, you can comment below.

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