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In this article, you will find the list of protein rich foods in India for vegetarians. Protein is very important for the human body and helps in maintaining muscle mass.

Not only this, but protein is also an important part of a weight loss diet plan.

When it comes to Indian people, the majority prefer eating vegetarian food over non-veg. So, finding a plant-based protein, dairy protein, and other veg protein sources becomes crucial.

I will list down all those high-protein foods that are easily available in India to add to your diet. So, first, have a look at the list of high protein diets and later you will find details of all these listed high protein food below.

Here is the list of 11 best sources of protein rich food for Indian vegetarians:

List of protein rich foods in India for vegetarians:

  • Cottage Cheese or Paneer
  • Tofu
  • Peanuts
  • Lentils or Dal
  • Milk
  • Chickpeas
  • Kidney beans or Rajma
  • Oats
  • Green peas
  • Flaxseeds
  • Quinoa
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Protein is known as the building blocks of our body.

Many Indian gym lovers are vegetarians and finding protein sources becomes a tedious task for them.

So, do not worry there are many good sources of plant-based and dairy protein gym guys can eat to work on muscles.

Protein-rich food speeds up the recovery of muscles post-workout and helps in gaining strength. And, many prefer eating pre and post-gym session.

Now next, I will discuss in brief about each one of protein rich food mentioned above.

So, let’s dive into details.

Details of vegetarian protein rich foods in India:

1. Cottage Cheese or Paneer: One of the most popular protein rich foods in India

Cottage Cheese or Paneer is famous among Indian vegetarians because of its taste and popularity.

There are many varieties of paneer recipes popular in India. But one should know how to prepare paneer recipes to get maximum health benefits.

Panner in a salad, panner in soup, panner in Indian curries in less oil is good for health as well as for weight loss diet.

Protein Amount in Cottage cheese, creamed – 11 grams (approx.) in 100 grams servings. (Source)

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2. Tofu or Bean curd

Bean curd or Tofu looks like paneer but it is made of condensed soy milk.

It is high in protein and easily available in the Indian shops.

It contains essential amino acids that are beneficial for the human body.

There are lots of tofu Indian recipes you can make and enjoy. Many people include Tofu in their weight loss diet.

Protein Amount in Tofu fermented – 8.92 grams (approx.) in 100 grams servings. (Source)

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3. Peanuts: Most loved Indian protein rich food

Peanuts or Moongfali is the heart of Indian snacks and people love adding it into different recipes.

It is not only tasty but loaded with protein and other healthy nutrients.

Peanuts are widely used as weight loss maintenance diet.

People get confused with gaining weight seeing its high calorie content but it is not true. (More info)

Protein Amount in raw peanuts 25.8 grams (approx.) in 100 grams servings. (Source)

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4. Lentils: A common source of high protein in every Indian household

Lentils or Dal are famous in Indian households.

Indian enjoys varieties of dal including Toor, Rahar, Chana dal, etc. It is very common to see particular in north Indian houses.

Dal is so important to Indians and is included in everyday diet due to its taste and health benefits.

When it comes to protein, lentils are known for their high protein content.

Protein Amount in raw lentils 24.63 grams (approx.) in 100 grams servings. (Source)

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5. Milk

Here comes another energy drink most famous among children.

Milk is everywhere, from your cup of tea to almost all Indian sweets and desserts,

The trait that makes milk so famous is it has almost all nutrients beneficial for human body growth.

Milk is helpful in growing muscles and for the growth of the body.

Protein Amount in Milk7.7 grams (approx.) in 240 ml servings. (Source)

6. Kidney beans or Rajma

Kidney beans or Rajma is a member of the Legumes family rich in protein and other nutrients.

Rajma curry is so popular in India and mostly loves eating it with rice, Rajma-Rice is a popular combination and enjoyed a lot.

Protein Amount in Boiled Kidney Beans 8.7 grams (approx.) in 100 grams servings. (Source)

7. Chickpeas

Rarely any Indian would have not eaten chana chole. Chana chole with Rotis (Bread) is so famous in India.

Chickpeas are loaded with nutrients and are rich in protein.

Protein Amount in Chickpeas 20.47 grams (approx.) in 100 grams servings. (Source)

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8. Oats: Weight loss friendly high protein diet

Oats are regarded as the healthiest grains and are gluten-free whole grain food.

This is the best food you would eat if you are on your weight loss journey.

I am a fan of oats recipes and loved eating throughout my weight loss journey.

I strongly recommend you add this to your weight loss diet.

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As compared to other grain, oats contain more protein. (Read more)

Protein Amount in raw oats 13.15 grams (approx.) in 100 grams servings. (Source)

9. Flaxseeds: Becoming popular as a source of protein nowadays

Flaxseeds existed since long and recent research found many health benefits of eating it.

Flaxseed oil was used in the olden days in Indian villages as a cooking oil.

It has now gained popularity because of nutrients values and richness in protein content.

Protein Amount grounded flaxseeds 1.3 grams (approx.) in 1 tablespoon. (Source)

10. Green peas

Fresh green peas are widely eaten in the winter season in India.

It becomes part of most Indian curries.

Do not forget to add green peas in your diet because it is rich in protein and other nutrients.

Protein Amount grounded green peas 5.42 grams (approx.) in 100 grams serving. (Source)

11. Quinoa

Quinoa seeds are one of the popular healthy food.

It is rich in protein and is a gluten-free food. Thereby, making it a most loved healthy diet food.

You can make a lot of recipes with Quinoa.

I loved eating quinoa poha and khichdi during my weight loss journey.

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High protein Indian food chart (PDF and Image)

high protein indian food chart

High protein vegetarian diet plan for weight loss: Indian 1200 calories diet chart

Below is a 1200 calories high protein vegetarian diet plan chart example for your reference:

1. Breakfast:

Food itemSizeEstimated calories
Moong dal chilla with paneer stuffing
(Get the recipe)
1 Pc250 cal
Soaked almonds5 Pcs40 cal
Total calories: ~300 cal

2. Lunch

Food itemSizeEstimated calories
Whole wheat roti3 Pcs250 cal
Toor dal (Boiled lentils)150 g120 cal
Cucumber curd raita150 g60 cal
Total calories: ~430 cal

3. Evening snacks

Food itemSizeEstimated calories
Chana chaat
(Get the recipe)
150 g120 cal
Total calories: ~120 cal

4. Dinner

Food itemSizeEstimated calories
Oats khichdi
(Get the recipe)
200 g150 cal
Mix veg salad100 g40 cal
Boiled turmeric milk1 glass170 cal
Total calories: ~360 cal

Protein rich Indian recipes for vegetarians

Below is the list of some of the best Indian breakfast recipes for weight loss:

1. Paneer stuffed moong dal chilla: Protein-rich vegan food (Get the recipe)

Paneer stuffed moong dal chilla. Protein-rich best Indian food for the fitness lovers. If you are a vegetarian the moong dal protein-rich recipe is the best fit for you.

moong dal chilla recipe

2. Oats khichdi: Indian weight loss breakfast (Get the recipe)

If you are a long time diet lover, you must be knowing the health benefits of oats. Oats have a perfect balance of the nutrients including protein. You can consider eating oats in your breakfast or at dinner. Get the recipe

Oats recipes for weight loss

3. High protein Indian vegan black chana chaat (Get the recipe)

Black chana is the most favorite diet for fitness lovers. They are rich in protein and can be eaten in a variety of ways. You can include in your curries, salad, or can be eaten boiled as well. A perfect protein-rich vegan diet for you.

recipe of chana chaat

4. Corn dalia khichdi Indian breakfast (Get the recipe)

Corn Dalia is another vegan recipe with multiple health benefits. Rich in all major nutrients, it is one of the favorite diet recipes of fitness freaks. Get the recipe

how to make dalia for weight loss

5. Palak paneer keto Indian breakfast, lunch & dinner (Get the recipe)

Palak paneer is among the most liked vegan recipe. It is highly rich in protein due to cottage cheese and spinach in it. Get the recipe

Paneer keto recipe

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Protein rich foods in India – Conclusion

There are many other protein-rich foods available in India for vegetarians.

I have listed down the most popular one in the veg category in this article.

These protein-rich foods are easily available in the Indian market.

I hope you loved reading the list of protein rich foods in India and gained some insights.

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