10 Best Football Shoes Under 500 and 1000 in India

Are you someone who loves to play football and looking for the best football shoes under 500 and 1000? Do you enjoy playing football games during weekends?

Whatever the reason you fit best purchasing football shoes will increase your performance efficiently. A football game requires balance and flexibility while you play the game.

The football shoes are designed to provide you with complete flexibility. The stitch of football shoes is made up of top-notch material, and it will be a cherry on the cake if you search for budget-friendly football shoes.

While choosing a shoe for football, it’s essential to see that it should withstand the player’s energy and provide intense grief and comfort at the same time.

There are a wide variety of shoes available of different brands. Few of them are below, which comes in a budget of 500 to 1000.

List of Top 10 Football Shoes Under 500 and 1000 (A walk through)

S.NO.Football Shoes
1Vector X Chaser
2Nivia Premier Carbonite Range 
3Turf Shoe by Nivia
4Indoor Shoe by Vector X 
5Sega Football shoe 
6Ronald Cr7 Ankle Football Shoes
7Nivia Encounter 6 
8A Breeze Football Boot by Vector X
9Fastrax Green and Black Football Shoes
10Port Boys Blue Rift Soccer Football Shoes 

10 Best Football Shoes Under 500 to 1000 to buy in 2021

1. Vector X Chaser Football Shoe


Best Football Shoes Under 500 by Vector

If you are a person who prefers long, durable shoes with a firm sole under the budget of RS 500, then Vector X Chaser-II Football Shoes can be the best choice for you.

The product comes with some additional perks like fantastic colors and textured soles. It enables you to play it on any rough or smooth field.

The advantage of buying these shoes is that it is strong and very lightweight for your feet.


  •  These come in black-green football shoes, with traditional stylings.
  • Lightweight, comfortable and breathless.
  • Size varies from 4 – 10
  • Plastic stud of sole
  • Textured sole

2. Nivia Premier Carbonite Range Football Shoes 

Nivia Pro Best Football Shoes Under 500

Nivia is a famous brand that provides a wide range of latest designed shoes at a meager cost.

Nivia Premier Carbonite Range Football Shoes is a fantastic collection of shoes that gives you comfort even when playing on a rough field.

It is one of the finest budget shoes that perform more than expectations.


  • The sole is of PVC
  • Synthetic textured
  • Strong and durable.
  • Lightweight and strong.
  • Available in a trending color.
  • 14 plastic studs.
  • Sole of these shoes are rubberized and provide a firm grip while playing.

3. Turf shoe by Nivia

Nivia Premier Best Football Shoes Under 500

Turf shoe by Nivia is the best budget football shoe under Rs 500. The shoe quality is highly comfortable.

It is specially made to play on any kind of turf playground.

The grip and the speed of turf shoes are too flexible to support you throughout the game. These are most preferably shoes during practice sessions on the ground.


  • Being lightweight and comfortable, these boost players’ energy as well as confidence.
  • It comes in 2 beautiful shades, black, and orange with regular styling and lace-up.
  •  It comes with PVC synthetic leather to help retention of water.
  •  It can be used on problematic or natural ground easily
  • Size varies from 2 to 11.

4. Indoor Shoe by Vector X 

Vector X Discovery

Indoor Shoe by Vector X  best shoe if you are looking for a budget under Rs 500. The shoes are solid, and you can easily play with them on any rough field without any risk of tearing soles.


  • Again vector brands that provide a wide range of shoes with their features. 
  • These specific shoes are mainly for indoor games as well as jogging.
  •  Lace-up for a comfortable fit.
  • These shoes are integrated with padded footbeds to provide comfort.
  • It comes in different sizes ranging from 2 to 11.

5. Sega Football Shoe

Sega Spectra

These are one of the best budget shoes with an excellent and attractive look. The components used in making SEGA shoes are genuine leather and microfibre.

It comes along with multicolor studs to have a grip on the ground while playing.

  • These shoes are best to pair up with a jersey with styling and lace-up detail. 
  • Sega shoes provide comfort with styling. 
  • They are made up of synthetic leather with inner cotton material. Available in tricolor including red, green and white .
  •  suitable for playing in natural places including grasses.
  •  Size varies from 6 to 10.

6. Ronald cr7 Ankle Football Shoes 

TRADY Ultimate CR7 Ronaldo Ankle

They are cool cr7 shoes designed and paired with relaxed shorts and a jersey.

The product comes with a rating of 4 stars on a scale of 5. The sole of these shoes has layers of cushions and feels comfortable to our feet.

It is also helpful in increasing the efficiency of players while running.


  • It comes in duo colors – red and blue.
  • Lightweight and strong.
  • ole is made up of TFU, which makes it suitable for all hard surfaces and easy to carry.
  • It is very soft and flexible.

7. Nivia Encounter 6 Football Cleats 

Nivia Encounter 6 Football Stud

Nivia Encounter 6 Football Cleats is stylish football shoes available. You can wear a cool sports jersey and enjoy it on the football ground.

The shoe has minute regular styling – lace-up details. 


  • It is made up of outer material PVC leather for minimal water adoration. 
  • It has a waterproof insole and a tpu outsole. 
  • Sizes range from 1 to 11.


8. A Breeze Football Boot by Vector X

Vector X Breeze Football Shoes (Black-Sea Green)

A Breeze Football Boot by Vector X is the most durable shoe that anyone can buy undoubtedly. It is a widespread and high-rated shoe available in the market nowadays.


  • It is a shoe with a black sea greenshoe that has a lace-up closer to having a better grip while playing football.
  •  It is lightweight and comes with a firm grip.
  •  For better comfort, these shoes come with plastic studs.
  •  Size comes in 4 to 11.

9. Fastrax Green and Black Football Shoes 

Fast Trax Green & Black Football Shoe

These shoes come with a high-quality PVC sole made of 14 plastic studs. And these studs provide excellent grip so players can efficiently run on the ground and win the match.


  • Material – plastic
  • High-quality PVC 
  • Sole – PVC

10. Port Boys Blue Rift Soccer Football Shoes 

Port Boys Blue Rift Soccer Football Shoes

If your budget is less than Rs 500 and you’re looking for the most durable and strong football shoe, then Port Boys Blue Rift Soccer Football Shoes might be ideal.

By wearing this shoe, you will play on any field. The shoes are available in two colors. You can pick any color that is of your preference.

The main characteristic of this particular shoe is that it’s incredibly light and helpful for you.


  • Closer – lace-up shoes with styling
  • They come with a warranty

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These are the best football shoes for under Rs 500. It is essential to consider your budget and preferences to select the most appropriate options.

By visiting the site and logging on, you can easily compare the specifications and costs of various football shoe brands. You will find the most suitable one which is best suited to your budget and needs.

You need to be aware of what pair of football shoes you select for your football game cause it significantly affects how you perform, so be cautious when buying one for yourself.

If you’re professional or just beginning to learn about football, it’s crucial to buy the best quality football shoe to help to increase your performance.

Therefore, with the help of the list mentioned above, it is easy to make the right choice when choosing the most suitable football shoes under Rs 500 for you.

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