7 Best Running shoes under 500 | Top sports shoes

What? Are you still confused with the best running shoes under 500?

Or, you still under the impression that fitness attire is expensive and not everybody can afford it?

Or is it just an excuse to miss your gym or running/walking regime?

Well, I may be a bit ignorant about how expensive the whole attire can be, but I am confident that you can find the best running shoes under your budget.

However, finding the perfect running shoes can be a bit of a hassle, especially when you are on a tight budget.

But, don’t worry, we have got you covered by mentioning the 7 best running shoes under 500.

Top 7 Best Running shoes under 500 for Men

1. Krassa Tesla Running Shoes

Kraasa Best Running shoes under 500

Running shoes by Krassa is a steal at Rs 500. With a lace-up fitting method, a medium width, and extremely lightweight, the Krassa Running Shoes are worth giving a shot.

Additionally, it is made with a mesh material to regulate the temperature. Krassa Running shoes also have a cushioned memory foam insole and non-marking outsole for comfort and support.

If that’s not enticing enough, it also has a 10-day warranty against any manufacturing defects.


  • It is lightweight to wear with top-notch quality, to serve you for months to come.
  • EVA sole for better grip and support.
  • It has a lace-up tying method to adjust how tight you want it to fit.
  • Presence of PVC makes it waterproof and durable for months to come.

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2. Asian Men’s Bullet Sports, Running and Walking Shoes

ASIAN Men's Bullet-02 Sports,Running,Walking Shoes

With over 11,000 reviews and a rating of 3.9+ out of 5 on Amazon, it is safe to say that Asian Running shoes are worth every penny.

The knitted material at the upper part of the shoe makes it breathable and easily washable. These running shoes are made with a quick-drying formula which makes it easy for the customers to wash and sanitize them.

This shoe also has a height-increasing non-marking EVA sole made with lightweight compound and orthopedic memory foam for perfect grip and comfort. Indeed, a win-win at this price. Isn’t it?


  • These running shoes are perfect for all seasons – summer, winter, and monsoon.
  • Nitro capsule technology for added vacuum-based air cushion under the heels.
  • The outsole is durable, flexible, well-gripped for seamless running or walking.
  • It is lightweight and ventilated for running or exercising.

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3. Unistar Mens Sports Shoes

Unistar Jogging, Walking & Running (Narrow Toe) Shoes; 032

Unistar is another one of the best running shoe brands in India. This Unistar shoe makes this brand deserving for the 3rd position in the list.

These particular running shoes have a lace-type closure for desired and comfortable fitting. The upper material is mesh, which prevents the foul smell from the shoes.

These running shoes are stylish and versatile in terms of usage. They can be worn on casual occasions, as well as while running, jogging, and walking. Moreover, on de-odorizing, this running shoe retains its original shape and does not become cramped and worn out.


  • The weight of this running shoe is around 680 grams which makes it extremely comfortable for long-distance running.
  • It has a double density Polyvinyl Chloride sole with a shock absorbency technique for improved grip and stability.
  • The running shoes ensure perfect fitting due to their round toe shape.
  • Dust on the shoes can be easily removed with a dry cloth.

4. Asian Skypee Sports Shoes for men


Running shoes are known for their grip and a better experience. The Asian Skypee Running Shoes are a perfect example of that.

The upper part of the shoe comes with a combination of synthetic overlays with mesh underlays which makes it quite breathable.

These running shoes come with a Polyvinyl Chloride sole, which makes them lightweight, flexible, and provide resilient cushioning to your feet.

The outsole provides an air impact cushion for excellent bounce-back and durability.

The Asian Skypee Running shoes are the best for running, gyming, and walking. Also, you can wear it underneath a semi-casual outfit. It comes in 5 different colors so that you can pick and choose as per your preference.


  • It has lace-up fastening for your ideal fitting.
  • This running shoe has a durable and breathable mesh upper that retains its shape on proper de-odorizing.
  • These running shoes are perfect for runners, sports, and fitness freaks.
  • The shoe has a round-toe style that allows ample space within your feet and avoids discomfort.

5. Goldstar Running Shoes

Best Running shoes under 500 by Goldstar

As the name suggests, these running shoes are GOLD for the number of features and comfort that it offers.

These shoes have an in-built memory cushioning foam that suffices all your running needs. They offer excellent traction and durability.

Moreover, they are slip-resistance and provide support under any kind of surface.

They don’t require any polish or shiner and in case of any dust, it can be easily wiped off with a piece of cloth.

However, the only drawback is that they have limited choice when it comes to the variety of colors.


  • Full mesh design keeps your feet breathable under the shoes.
  • Stretchy upper and soft insole offers a snug fit and are extremely comfortable.
  • These are anti-skid running shoes that helps you walk comfortably without the fear of falling.
  • The memory foam helps you distribute your weight evenly across your whole foot for a smooth-running experience.

6. Asian Men’s Future Running Shoes

ASIAN Best Running shoes under 500

I know, you must be thinking why is this article recommending so many running shoes from Asian? Because, the brand is literally top-notch when it comes to high-quality running shoes.

These running shoes have an exclusive design and durable material which make every step feel light and breezy.

Asian Running shoes are non-slippery and shockproof with extra emphasis on providing cushion to the feet and removing heel strain.

Also, Asian running shoes are Made in India which makes them all the more suitable and the purchase serves as a helping hand for supporting the local businesses.


  • The durable thick PVC outsole provides optimum comfort for your underfoot all day long.
  • These running shoes are versatile and go well with all the occasions, be it, casual or formal.
  • The weight of these shoes is around 660 grams which makes them ideal for running to a long distance.
  •  The soft-foam sock liner ensures the comfort of your foot all day long.


7. CLYMB Men’s Sport Shoes


If you are looking at something comfortable yet stylish at the same time, then CLYMB running shoe is for you.

 The CLYMB running shoe has a lace-up type closure that helps you to get the desired fitting. Along with that, it comes with a breathable and foul smell preventing mesh as upper material.

The insole heel facilitates a smooth touchdown while the flexible forefoot facilitates smooth toe-off.


  • These running shoes offer just the perfect grip.
  • They are extremely light in weight and super comfortable.
  • It can be used for both brisk walking and heaving running.
  • The PVC sole makes the shoe sturdy and provides extra comfort.

Quick Recap of the best Running shoes under 500

7 budget-friendly best running shoes under 500Brand
Krassa Tesla Running Shoes Krassa
Asian Men’s Bullet Sports Shoes Asian
Unistar Jogging, Walking, and Running shoes Unistar
Asian Skypee sports shoes Asian
Goldstar Running Shoes Goldstar
Asian Men’s Future Running Shoes Asian
CLYMB Men’s Sport Shoes CLYMB

Conclusion for the best sports shoes

By now, you must have got some clarity about what features to look for in a running shoe and what makes it durable and comfortable.

We have made the task relatively easy for you by mentioning the 7 best running shoes in the industry.

All these shoes have different designs, colors, patterns, and prices (but are under Rs 500) to offer.

Select the running shoe that ticks off all your requirements, purchase them, and give your fitness journey a good start.

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