6 Best Vitamin B12 rich foods in vegetables

Vitamin B12 is an important and water-soluble vitamin vitamins essential for the human body. It is important for you to know that vitamin B12 helps function our nervous system properly.

Not only this, but Vitamin B12 is also responsible for the production of Red Blood Cells in our body.

It is widely found in animal products like animal liver and kidney, tuna, salmon, etc. But in countries like India where the majority of the population is vegetarian, it becomes important to know veg sources of Vitamin B12.

Almost all vegetables have some portion of vitamin B12 in them but some vegetables are rich in Vitamin B12.

Therefore, in this post, I will help you with the list of all popular vegetables that are rich in Vitamin B12. But before this, here is another fact you must know about Vitamin B12 importance.

Do you know that our body can not make Vitamin B12 on its own and has to be taken through supplements and diets? Therefore, it is mandatory for you to know the sources of Vitamin B12 so that you can include them in your diet.

And, it becomes even more important for women who are pregnant and someone having Vitamin B12 deficiency.

So, let us get started with the list of all vegetables rich in Vitamin B12

6 Best Vegetables rich in Vitamin B12

1. Beetroot

Beetroot is very nutritious and famous for its many health benefits. Beets are also known for their content of Vitamin B12 and other important nutrients and are rich in minerals and calcium.

In India, people love to eat Beets in the form of a Salad. In southern India, people prepare different recipes and curries with them. So, next time try to include beetroots in your diet and get their max benefits.

2. Mushroom

Mushroom is another popular food that is rich in Vitamin B12 and belongs to fungi species. Not only Vitamin B12, but Mushrooms are also good sources of proteins, vitamins, and minerals like potassium and phosphorus.

There are varieties of curries and soups prepared using Mushrooms in India. Next time do not forget to add mushrooms to your diet if looking for a vegetable rich in Vitamin B12.

3.  Alfalfa

Alfalfa may sound a bit different and is derived from the Arabian language. In Arabic, it means the head of a plant.

Alfalfa is a very good source of Vitamin B12 and its roots are found deep below the earth (around 20 to 30 feet deep).

Not just Vitamin B12, Alfalfa is rich in other important nutrients, minerals, and vitamins. Do not forget to include alfalfa as they are one of the best sources of Vitamin B12.

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4. Potatoes

Potatoes are very common in India, particularly in north India. Indians have a special love for potatoes which are eaten widely in different forms and recipes.

The good thing about potatoes is that it is a good source of Vitamin B12. If eaten in moderation, they have many health benefits and are rich in nutrients.

Potatoes are rich in vitamins, magnesium, iron, zinc, sodium, etc. It is very easy to include potatoes in your diet and there are a lot of potato recipes one can try.

Potatoes can easily adjust with other vegetables and taste good in the form of curries. Also, potatoes can be easily mixed with other Vitamin B12 vegetables to get the max benefits.

5. Spinach

Here comes a green leafy vegetable very common in every Indian household. Spinach or palak is loaded with nutrients and has many health benefits.

Maybe this is the reason, spinach is widely popular and has many medicinal properties. The good thing is, spinach is also known to be a good source of vitamin B12.

They are also rich in potassium, iron, vitamins C and E, and magnesium. You can make a lot of good tasty recipes out of spinach. You can include them in your soup, curries, etc.

In north India, spinach is popularly eaten in the form of saag (a boiled spinach recipe).

6. Butternut squash

Last but not least, Butternut squash is not that popular compared to other vegetables. But less popularity does not mean fewer health benefits. Butternut squash is another vegetable that is rich in Vitamin B12.

Some people treat them as vegetables and some like fruits. Another good thing about Butternut squash is that they are also high in minerals and fibers

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Final Thought

I hope you liked this list of vegetables rich in Vitamin B12 and got some useful information. As a vegetarian, I can understand how important it becomes to consume Vitamin B12 from veg sources.

Vegetables are highly consumed in India and therefore it is very crucial to know all the good sources of vegetables high in Vitamin B12.

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