Aloe Vera Juice for Weight Loss: Benefits, Recipe, more

Aloe vera has medicinal properties that can treat a range of issues, from diabetes to menstrual problems. It also helps maintain a flawless skin tone and boosts metabolism to shed uncomfortable calories.

Aloe Vera: Overview

Aloe vera is famous for its healing nature, and therefore it’s a popular ingredient in traditional and modern medicinal preparations. It’s distinguished for its smooth green leaves and produces a jelly stalk-like extract, the prime source of its therapeutic value. 

You can prepare topical creams (face wash, lotions, moisturizers) and dry stalks for oral consumption from fresh aloe vera extracts.

This blog gives you DIY methods to prepare aloe vera juice when following a natural weight loss plan.

It also highlights the various medicinal values of aloe vera and what precautions to follow when consuming homemade aloe vera juice. 

How to Prepare Aloe Vera Juice?

Aloe vera extracts have a bitter and watery taste, which may not be entirely compatible when consumed raw. 

A glass of aloe vera juice gets you all the health benefits while you get the taste by blending it with your favorite flavor.

Do you grow aloe vera at home? Here’s how to juice it:

  • Chop an aloe vera leaf vertically
  • Clean and slice it 
  • Extract the stalk into a blender (rinse it to remove bitterness)
  • Add sufficient water and blend the aloe vera extract.
  • Add seasoning, condiments, and flavoring agents
  • Refrigerate or consume immediately

6 Advantages of Drinking Aloe Vera Juice

Let’s look at six major benefits of aloe vera –

1. Enhanced metabolism

Metabolism is the natural mechanism that digests a meal, releases energy when performing physical activities, and produces heat to compensate for a drop in temperature. 

It helps prevent the accumulation of extra belly fat required to maintain your weight within the ideal BMI range. 

2. Reducing blood sugar levels

Diabetic patients with high blood sugar have found respite by drinking aloe vera juice daily. Clinical studies have proved that it can reduce sugar levels to a pre-diabetic level. 

However, you should not consume the same if you have been prescribed diabetic medications. Consult with your physician or a nutritionist if you wish to take aloe vera juice with medication.

3. Natural detox drink

Detox imparts deep cleaning to your body while recuperating from unhealthy substance abuse. Aloe vera juice contains cycloartenol and lophenol. These compounds help dissolve belly fat and lower fatty liver, a side-effect of acute alcoholism. 

4. Restoring natural skin tone

Aloe vera has a special mention in Ayurveda as Ghrita Kumari, restoring the skin tone and maintaining youthfulness. Most skin products contain aloe vera extracts, thanks to their moisturizing properties. 

Drinking aloe vera juice imparts a glow to your skin from the inside. You can also cut fresh aloe vera and apply it on the skin raw or prepare a body mask to heal your affected epidermis.  

5. Reduces digestive issues

An effective natural method of reducing constipation issues, aloe vera stalks contain anthraquinones. It prevents the intestine from absorbing excess water, a prime cause of hardened stools. 

Consuming aloe vera juice reduces IBS issues and heals stomach ulcers. Being rich in vitamin C, it also enhances digestion. 

6. Imparts anti-inflammatory properties

Our bodies get ill from excess free radical accumulation, which triggers oxidative reactions. Arthritis patients experience painful knee and joint aches. Consuming aloe vera juice destroys free radicals and keeps your body free from inflammatory triggers. 

DIY Ways to Consume Aloe Vera

The health benefits of a glass of aloe vera juice are endless. However, taste matters, and not everyone would like to gulp the raw pulp of bland aloe vera. Here are a few ways you may consume aloe vera:

  • Prepare using pure stalk upon blending with lukewarm water
  • Add aloe vera pulp to your favorite smoothie or when preparing your detox cooler
  • Shake your preferred mocktail drink using aloe vera (imagine aloe vera mojito)
  • Want to eat aloe vera daily? Try the easy aloe vera pickle or prepare a jelly to add a spoonful daily to your meal

Here are two variations of aloe vera juice that you can try out:

Lime-based aloe vera juice

Drinking plain aloe vera juice is not a yummy choice. Squeeze fresh lemon juice and blend the aloe vera stalk with water.

Rich in vitamin C, it enhances digestion and acts as a potential weight loss ingredient. Ayurveda notes lemon as a must during meals since it stimulates Agni (metabolic activities), boosting digestion. 

Honey-based aloe vera juice

Honey is a natural and healthy sweetener without calories. When following a weight loss diet, it’s essential to cut down your calorie intake, especially sugar.

Replacing it with honey adds a distinct flavor, and it comes with added health benefits. 

Adding honey is best for individuals with diabetes. Honey in aloe vera is a win-win combination since it soothes digestive issues besides managing blood sugar levels. 

Things You Must Follow While Drinking Aloe Vera Juice

Aloe vera has countless benefits. However, before drinking aloe vera juice, consider the following –

How to choose the right source of aloe vera?

Aloe vera has an extensive growth rate than most plants. It’s safe to consume freshly cut aloe vera and is best if it is homegrown.

Never pluck aloe vera growing in the wild, as it could lead to allergies or poisoning based on soil conditions. 

You can also consume dry aloe vera extract commercially available if a fresh supply is not viable. 

Why add flavor before drinking aloe vera juice?

Raw aloe vera extract has a bitter aftertaste and may trigger nausea upon consumption. So, to counteract the bitterness, you can blend the stalk with added flavors before drinking. 

What’s the best time to drink aloe vera juice?

Nutritionists suggest drinking aloe vera juice on an empty stomach in the morning. It is rich in beta-carotene and multi-vitamins (B, C, E). These micronutrients boost digestion, reducing constipation. 

Why prepare the juice using warm water?

If you prefer drinking pure aloe vera juice, dilute it with lukewarm water without adding extra flavors. Adding water lowers the bitterness of aloe vera, making it palatable without affecting its nutritional benefits.

If you consume dry aloe vera powder, mix 1 tsp in a glass of water.

Drinking warm water helps break down belly fat and enhances weight loss. When preparing aloe vera juice, blend it with warm water as a part of your weight loss program.

Besides, drinking warm water daily after waking up triggers natural weight shedding.

Who Should Not Drink Aloe Vera Juice?

It’s best to abstain from aloe vera if you show allergic reactions immediately after consumption. Always consult a physician before drinking if you have underlying issues. Refrain from drinking aloe vera juice if you have –

  • Diabetic medications (drinking aloe vera can lead to sugar crash)
  • Hemorrhoids and stomach cramps
  • Kidney stone and filtration problems
  • Dermatitis and sensitive skin
  • Low blood sugar or are underweight


Aloe vera juice is perfect for daily consumption. It reduces skin issues and sustains a glowing skin tone. 

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