20 Types of Dry fruits name List in English and Hindi 2024 (PDF)

Here I bring you the list of 20 dry fruits name in English and Hindi. Sometimes, people get confused with the names of dry fruits when going out shopping.

This has happened to me as well when I used to purchase some dry fruits for my weight loss diet plan. So, I thought to put this dry fruit list to help people like me.

Now, let me list the details of each dry nut so that you have some insight into their names. So, here you go

List of dry fruits names

1. Almond (Badam in Hindi)

Almonds are one of the most famous dry fruits in India. You must have seen many Indian people prefer soaking Almonds overnight and eating them the next morning.

It is because these Almonds have loads of health benefits and doctors advise having soaked almonds every morning.

Almonds are also very common in Indian dishes and snacks. And some snack brands, sell Almonds in the form of a mixture in the market.

Not just snacks, Almonds are also very common in shakes, cookies, and cakes.

dry fruits name

2. Cashews (Kaju in Hindi)

Cashew or Kaju needs no introduction when it comes to the popularity of dry nuts. You roast it, fry it or eat it as it is, cashews will make you fall in love with the taste.

And with taste cashew is also loaded with nutrients and minerals. By the way, let me know how you prefer eating a cashew.

My mom used to prepare many recipes made with cashews and I love its taste in shakes and snacks.

3. Akhrot (Walnuts in English)

Walnuts or Akhrot in Hindi look like a human brain and is actually good for our brain. This is why our elders used to advise us to eat walnuts every day to sharpen our memory and feel good.

I am a little sensitive to walnuts and therefore I soak walnuts overnight and eat them the next morning. Like Almonds and Cashews, walnuts are also heavily used in shakes, biscuits, and cookies.

You will find two types of walnut variants in the market. One is available with its hard shell and another is available in the broken form. So, before buying check with the type of walnuts you would like to have at home.

4. Raisins (Kishmish in Hindi)

Raisins or Kishmish in Hindi are dry forms of graphs and I am sure you know them well. Raisins taste a little tangy and sweet and are used in Pulao, Kheer, sweets, etc.

Also, do not get confuse raisins with monaka, raisins and monaka are two different dry nuts with similar textures but different sizes.

I thoroughly enjoy raisins and eating them as it is. Some prefer to add them in many Indian recipes but my favorite is to eat them plain.

5. Pista (Pistachios in English)

Pistachios or Pista in Hindi is a dry fruit with a hard shell cover. You will find two types of Pista in the market one is with hardshell and another without.

Some brands, roast in salt and sell in the market. Pista is majorly used in Icecreams and sometimes used as a flavoring agent in cakes, ice cream, etc.

If you go to any Indian sweet shop you will find pista sweets. If you ask me, Pistachios are one of my favorite dry nuts after cashews. But, you need to be a little alert with the calories if you are on a weight loss diet.

6. Dates (Khajur in Hindi)

Dates or Khajur are popular in the middle east and you will find many dates packets manufactured in Saudi and other middle east countries.

Dates are high in fiber and can be used as a natural sweetener. Even I have used Dates in place of sugar to prepare Kheer, it is tasty and healthy.

Dates are also high in antioxidants and may be useful for brain health. It is also rich in vitamins and many eat them as a vitamin supplement.

7. Betel Nuts (Supari in Hindi)

Supari or Betel nuts in English are very common in Indian and you will find Betal nuts or Supari easily in every Indian paan shop.

These nuts are also used in many Hindu religious ceremonies and are part of offering food to god as Prashad.

Some studies found that Betel Nuts may help with digestive and cardiovascular issues.

7. Makhana (Foxnuts in English)

Makhana or Foxnuts in English are another food from the dry fruits family and are mostly grown in states like Bihar. If you happen to go to the Northern Bihar region, you will find different dishes made with Foxnuts.

Foxnuts are very nutritious, good for people with high blood pressure, and rich in potassium and magnesium.

Not only this, many doctors advise people to eat Fonuts to strengthen their bones and teeth as they are rich in calcium.

8. Saffron (Kesar in Hindi)

Indian sweets are incomplete without Saffron. It is used as a flavoring agent in many Indian dishes including sweets, cookies, shakes, etc.

If you have eaten Briyani, you must have fallen in love with its aroma and this aroma is because of many flavoring agents including Saffron.

Saffron is rich in antioxidants and may be helpful in reducing appetite and thus promoting Weight Loss. The best part about Kesar is it is easy to add to your diet.

So, once you have gone through the list of dry fruits names, now let us have a look at the top 10 dry fruits popular in India

10 Indian dry fruits names (Hindi and English)

Indian dry fruits name in EnglishIndian dry fruits name Hindi
Raisins Kishmish
Dry DatesChuhara
Betel NutsSupari
Pistachios Pista
Saffron Kesar
Foxnuts Makhana

Why it is important to know the dry fruits’ names in English and Hindi?

The answer is simple, many times it happens that we know the name in our native language but when we are living abroad or in other Indian cities, it makes sense to know the dry fruits name both in English and Hindi.

List of the top 20 dry fruits names in English and Hindi

Dry Fruits English NamesDry Fruits Hindi Names
Dried DatesChuhara
ChestnutSinghara or Shahbaloot
Foxnuts or Lotus SeedsMakhana
Dried FigsAnjeer
Dry CoconutsGadi
Flax SeedsAlsi ke Beej
Watermelon SeedsTarbooj ke Beej
Pine NutsChilgoze or Nioze
Beetle NutsSupari
Pumpkin SeedsKaddu ke Beej

These are some of the most famous Indian dry fruits available in every Indian household. These dry fruits have importance in the Indian kitchen and for our health.

You will see many diet experts advising people to eat dry fruits every day as they a loaded with nutrients and minerals. Not from only a health perspective but these dry fruits are known to add flavors to our Indian dishes.

You must have seen recipes with cashew paste used as a gravy. If I have to give you an example of an Indian dry fruits recipe, Sahi Paneer is the perfect recipe rich in dry nuts.

I hope you enjoyed our list of the top 20 dry fruits names and some facts about them. In case, you want to add anything, let me know in the comment.

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