10 Best Cheapest Whey Protein in India (2024) – Protein in Budget

Here I bring you the list of the top 10 Cheap Whey Protein in India to buy for under 1000. Eating home-cooked food while working from home?

Great!! You must be thinking that there will be sufficient consumption of all the necessary nutrients, right? Well, you must be going wrong there.

We all need a particular quantity of nutrients as per the requirements of our body, but it is not fulfilled on a daily basis.

The protein consumption in Indians has been lower than recommended by medical organizations.

That is why we might need some protein supplements by which you can fulfill the remaining quantity of protein.

Here, I present cheap Whey Protein under ₹1000 to satisfy your pockets by maintaining sufficient nutrients for your body.

Wondering what are those top whey proteins under ₹1000??

Let’s get this started with the top 10 Cheap Whey Protein in India.

10 Best Cheapest Whey Protein in India (2023) – Cheap and best

1. Myprotein Impact Whey Isolate (Cheap and Best protein powder for Indians)

Cheap Whey Protein in India by Myprotein

Myprotein has been a popular brand in offering Whey proteins. They offer several products like Whey Isolate, pancake mix, and protein bars.

What’s special in this Whey Protein? The specialty comes in their ingredients and the quality of protein that it showers to the audience.

This protein has been revolving around many countries as it is manufactured in the U.K. It has different flavors at the given price. I have tried its various products and I was quite satisfied with the quality.

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  • It helps in the maintenance of the muscle mass
  • Fulfills the requirements of daily intake of protein for your body.


  • Quantity of protein was less.
  • The pricing was a bit too expensive

2. Nutrabay Whey Protein Isolate (Unflavoured) – India’s Budget protein powder

Choosing health supplements is a crucial matter as we cannot compromise with our health care. Nutrabay has taken proper care of this concern.

It has two categories to offer its audience  – Nutrabay Pure Series and Gold Series. As advertised, it is minimally processed and packed in a clean environment to ensure the best quality served to people.

It has some essential ingredients that will boost up your fitness training as Whey Protein supplements will be added as per your convenience.


  • Since Unflavoured, it can be easily put into yogurts and smoothies
  • No Digestive Enzymes.
  • No unnecessary colours, sweeteners.


  • It can cause bloating as there are no Digestive Enzymes
  • Every body has affected in a different way. It was not suitable for me in the initial days

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3. Healthkart My First Protein, Beginners Protein With Whey & Casein (Vanilla-1Kg)

10 Best Cheapest Whey Protein in India (2022)

As we can see the protein is specially designed for beginners as it is quite interesting to know the making of this Whey Protein.

There was a different vibe when I went to the nearest store to check out their product. The experts present there explained how it can be useful for our health and how much should we take on a daily basis.

It was an impressive affair for me. Coming back to the Whey Protein, the quality and quantity is decent for me.


  • Vanilla flavour is there so that we can add it into various smoothie recipes
  • The quality was pretty good for a beginner
  • It remained last long as I felt my dinner has been done after drinking it as post-workout drink


  • Felt bloating for some hours
  • People might have allergic reactions from Whey Protein. So one should always read all the ingredients

4. MuscleBlaze Raw Whey Protein (Another budget-friendly whey protein for Indians)

10 Best Cheapest Whey Protein in India (2022)

MuscleBlaze has been the most popular brand in Whey Protein and for other health supplements. I got this for some days after my last lot was finished, and it was quite good for me.

As verified by the U.S.A, various lab tests prove that this product is the best choice for people looking for some best-quality health supplements.

With Added Digestive Enzymes, it can be easily digested for some people who may feel uneasy after drinking it as a post-workout drink. As it is Raw, the product can be used for various smoothies.


  • Protein quality is higher for this brand
  • Presented in an original form with minimal processing


  • Tasting is not good
  • Artifical sweeteners are added

5. AS-IT-IS Nutrition budget Whey Protein

If you ate their peanut butter, you must try their Whey Protein. ‘As it is’ brand has a lot of followings because of the peanut butter.

Let’s see what their protein has got into the market! It can reduce muscle loss and will boost your muscle recovery.


  • It is minimally processed.
  • High concentration of protein
  • It will help increase bone strength


  • It is presented in an expensive manner
  • Not good for extra quantity of water

6. Bigmuscles Nutrition Crude Whey 1kg

When I heard about this brand, I was not sure about its taste and quality. This whey protein has a crude version.

It is said to be formulated into high-quality ingredients. Crude Whey has been a helpful health supplement for intense fitness sessions.

It is packed with 24 grams of protein to provide support for your workout recovery. The Whey Protein also comes in chocolate flavor. It claims to have zero sugar added to the protein powder.


  • No added soy to the protein powder
  • Free from all preservatives.
  • Essential ingredients are added to enhance your performance.


  • Packaging is not suitable.
  • Tastes like milk powder.

7. OZiva Plant Based Biotin 10000+ mcg (with Natural Sesbania Agati Extract

Oziva has been recently added to the brand list to provide the best quality Whey Protein to both men and women. It is one of a kind plant protein formula made from herbal extracts.

It has 20g of plant protein to improve your immunity and digestion. I believe it is natural and plant-based protein to remove all kinds of chemicals and preservatives from your diet supplements.

It is best when you are allergic to milk-based products.


  • Best for vegan based diet
  • Free from all preservatives
  • Soy-free product.
  • Supports hair growth.


  • Not much effective.

8. HealthOxide My First Protein with whey, casein & pea, Chocolate – 1 kg

HealthOxide has been a decent name to offer Whey Protein under ₹1000, but the quality is pretty amazing. It is a blend of soy, casein ( a type of protein), Whey, and pea.

I found this brand including pea in the Whey Protein that is quite exciting. It is said to have 33g of protein with 5g of dietary Fibre.

Plus point for me is it is gluten-free. It is an ideal choice for this price range under 1000.


  • No added sugar
  • Good source of protein for a long time.
  • Good quality for less money.


  • Contains Maltodextrin.
  • The scoop is quite small in size.

9. XLR8 ImmuWhey Whey Protein 24 g protein

When we talk about whey protein, there is an ingredient called Maltodextrin. You would be surprised to know that this brand is free from maltodextrin.

That’s unique, right?? Well, it claims to manage your weight. It is rich in EAA and BCAA with no added sugar.


  • The quality of protein is decent
  • No added sugar
  • Filtration process is efficiently followed.


  • It may cause bloating.
  • The quantity for the protein is less in the total ingredients.

10. NAKPRO PERFORM Whey Protein Concentrate

10 Best Cheapest Whey Protein in India (2022)

This brand offers Unflavoured as well as flavored types of protein powder. There are other versions of Whey Protein under the same brand. The brand has added some Digestive Enzymes to make it easy to absorption. Different bodies are affected separately for every Whey Protein type.


  • Fast and easy absorption for the body.
  • Offers best quality protein.


  • Not good for a strict low carb diet.
  • Bio available per protein is lower than another version of Whey Protein.

Time to decide the cheap best protein for Indians!!

Bringing the top 10 cheap Whey Protein under 1000 was an amazing journey for me. As I looked into various categories of Whey Protein.

You need to work on your body first and then decide the type of protein supplement required for your body. Let’s make it crystal clear that too much of everything is bad for your health.

So, always read the description on the container or packet before pouring the scoop of protein into milk or water.

I usually drink it with water after shaking well as it will turn into a yummy and healthy shake. Not only chocolate is my favorite flavor, but also Kesar-pista has been my favorite after looking for different flavors.

Here is my favorite feature of this Whey protein discussion. Terra Origin brand has been the best among all the brands; however, it carries a price range above ₹1000.

Terra origin has a good quality protein powder that one can try for a new taste and looking for a change in their daily health supplement.

I hope you liked this small guide on the top 10 Cheap Whey Protein in India and will be helpful to pick the best one.

Disclaimer: The list of proteins mentioned above must not be treated as a diet recommendation and is just for educational purposes. Consult medical experts before following any tips, figures or facts shared in this article. Make your purchase decision based on your need and budget. We do not guarantee the accuracy of data, facts, and figures shared in this article.

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