10 Best massage chairs in India 2024 (Full body massage)

Get your complete guide on the top 10 best massage chairs In India to buy online.

Imagine yourself relaxing in a spa!! Getting a soothing massage won’t harm anyone, right?

Looking at the present situation, we are still not ready to move out and enjoy such sessions with our loved ones. What can we do instead?

Getting a massage chair? It’s all about how comfortable you want your loved ones to be!! This article will help you in finding the best massage chair in India for your home.

You could be looking at your budget and deciding on the best massage chair, but it might not be the prominent factor to buy a massage chair for yourself.

There are several reasons why we are getting this luxurious product at home.

Got any anniversaries or birthdays coming? Bring them to sit on the brand new massage chair at home.

Here is the list for you to pick up the best and the most comfortable one as per the features.

Top 10 best massage chairs in India

1. JSB MZ21 4D Massage Chair Zero Gravity in India

JSB MZ21 4D Massage Chair

This brand is much popular among the users of these massage chairs. JSB is a good choice based on its comfort level.

It releases the tensions from your body easily with its advanced massage techniques. The chair has a fine finish of the leather.

You can set it up in your office as well as the living room. It has 4D Massage Chair rollers with zero gravity features adding up the calves massage.

Many people have called this chair their physiotherapist as the magic it does to your body is like a strong physiotherapist’s hands.

The delivery is accompanied by free installation for the demo sessions.

It has 79 Airbags installed in each of the specific points of the chair to make you feel comfortable and out of all the worries and stress.

It’s not a space saver and it might not include any Bluetooth connection with the music player which can be easily attached to this price.

2. Lifelong LLM549 Full Body Massage Chair under 50000 in India

Lifelong LLM549 Full Body Massage Chair

The Lifelong brand has come up with an amazing massage chair at a lower price range. Let’s see if the feature suits the price range or not!

It has a tapping massage technique to look forward to when you are craving a full body massage most uniquely.

Air squeezing massage is another feature added to this massage chair. It has 3D back and leg massage to make you feel normal after working on a tough day at work.

This might be a good fit for a beginner to get the massage chair at comparatively a low price. The controlling pad has all the buttons to get a hold of your massage chair.

The structure is made up of plastic and iron that can be improved.

Another point is that we have a 1.6 years warranty for this massage chair with an absence of a foot roller.

If you are choosing the massage chair to increase your budget, a foot roller is an essential feature that one cannot miss.

3. JSB MZ08 full body massage chair

JSB MZ08 Massage Chair

The design may look a bit bulky, but it has a lot of power to attach it to your body to give you full relief.

The built-up is alloy steel to make it look compatible with all the rooms. It can be a perfect gift for your parents on their anniversary or their birthdays.

To those who you feel to get away from the pain – one could suggest them this amazing massage chair. It might be a unique gift for your loved ones for a long period.

Proper foot care is the focus of this massage chair. It is quite a spacious chair to allow your arms to move if there is something you want to change from the controlling pad.

The rollers attached go up to the lower area of your body. The service includes a doorstep engineer visit in all the metro cities and nearby towns.

Auto modes are the plus point for this massage chair to select different body parts to release the tensions from various massage techniques.

4. JSB MZ24 zero gravity massage chair

best massage chairs in India

Bringing up the most repeated brand in the list can show how popular these massage chairs are!!

Let’s roll out some of the features that can be suitable for your consumption over this luxurious purchase.

Do you know what the best part is – you can connect the music with the voice command.

The chair takes a capsule shape to rely on the lower support and make you feel happy as well as happy.

Getting out of the comfort zone to work hard is good when we are going back to our comfort zone for a relaxing massage, right?

So, it works on your body in every aspect that your work from home may never feel so boring or tiring again.

3D rollers are present with the nodule acupressure massage technique.

The remote control is given in a long-slide compartment below the arms of the chair. Less power consumption is required to operate it for a longer period.

Airbags are not present in an adequate quantity which could enhance the worth of the chair.

5. ARG AROGYA Luxury 3D Massage Chair: The best Indian massage chair

best massage chairs in India by 

What do you search for in your massage chair? Should it have comfortable seats? Should it play your favorite music track while you are relaxing?

Well, this massage chair has all the things you want!! It has an extended SL track that will enable the user to relax from their neck to their thighs and feel like they are dreaming while sleeping.

It has a 3D roller track to cover your spine and it extends beyond so that your body can get a full body massage.

If you are worried about the heat or the intensity, it can be easily adjustable. Moreover, it has 6 types of massage techniques – Shiatsu, Tapping, Knocking, clapping, guasa, Kneading.

Free installation and demo sessions are the additional features.

Do you know what is the best part? It has an automatic sensor that can track your body pains and work on those points instantly.

Isn’t it interesting??

One thing to consider before buying is to check if it is heavy, or has an interlocking system because it can not suit everyone.

An ebook that can relax your mind faster than these body massager: Willingness Meter by Anubhav Kumar. Your personal Scale to unlimited happiness

6. ROBOTOUCH Urban Full Body Best Massage Chair

best masaage chairs in India by 
RoboTouch Urban

This massage chair has a zero-gravity feature to make you feel like you are floating in the air.

You can fix this in your bedroom as well as the living room. It will be suitable for all adults.

The furnishings are made from stainless steel. There is a 3 level massage structure to keep your body intact while relaxing on the specific joints.

It can make you feel relaxed while you sit and treat yourself with the best quality massage sessions. It includes a one-click recliner feature to save the space of your room.

You can adjust the speed of the massage accordingly by just controlling the features on the pad.

The storage box is also made for you to keep your mobile phones and other convenient things near you. Those 20 airbags will make your massage more memorable.

There are pre-programmed sessions installed on your equipment.

It is a plug-and-play model which is easy to use for your parents who may not have further assistance at that moment.

7. RoboTouch Maxima Luxury Full Body zero gravity best Indian Massage Chair.

best massage chairs by 
RoboTouch Maxima

As we move towards finding more massage chairs, RoboTouch has introduced another brand line for their product improvisations and additional features.

It comes with a shoulder detection system to get your shoulders on point so that you can get the realization of pain easily. We can call it 2D point detection.

It follows a kneading and flapping combination of massage techniques. Moreover, it will give you intense sessions to relax your mind and body after a tough fight at work.

Isn’t it great to have such chairs at home? Let’s read more about this. It does have a dreamy mode by which your chair will go in zero gravity to make you feel like floating in the air.

What else do you want after a tiring day!!

One setback is about the build quality that is made up of plastic. They could increase the quality of their framework at this price.

8. Bodyfriend MOM 4D Massage Chair

massage chair by 

BodyFriend brings up their product line to get ourselves some break from our busy routine and enjoy some me-time – That is essential for your health in every aspect.

The brand itself shows the feature in its name – BodyFriend. It will be justified if the chair becomes an essential part of your life to keep your body light and active.

The chair comes with 1-year on-site warranty with a luxurious and sleek design. You can put this chair in your living room as well as the bedroom.

It has multiple sets of airbags to keep your body under definite pressure. It also has an S/L track to keep your posture intact as per the needs of the chair.

It has a great airbag set on the arms to start the massage technique for your arms while listening to your favorite music.

How can we miss the zero gravity feature!! The controlling pad has different and simple functions to follow for a beginner.

So next time when you are not around with your parents – you can teach them to allocate functions in this controlling pad and they won’t need you again!!

9. KosmoCare Premium 3D Full Body Massage Chair.

best massage chairs in India

KosmoCare has brought up its massage chairs with full comfort zone access to the users. It comes with airbags for efficient massage sessions.

It weighs around 100 kgs to assemble. It can be used as a recliner too when not in the mood to get the massage.

It has 3D massage rollers that will control the extent of treatment given to your body at specific points.

The plus point is that it has an SL track to keep your posture defined when spent a long time in the chair.

It employs heat on the back to improve blood circulation. It kills your stress and keeps your body warm and light.

It will work best for the people who want to extract their pains through this heating technique.

One setback with this massage chair is that it does not show any warranty.

10. Lixo massage chair – LI5001

Lixo Massage Chairs

This brand has been maintaining relaxation with a variety of massage chairs. It has foot rollers as an additional feature.

Auto body scan will lead the chair to adjust its massage points as per your body.

With the L-track massage, your back will not face any issues with the pain anymore. It is built up with the sleek and stylish design of leather material.

The chair feels like a recliner. It can be a great fit for your living room where you can enjoy the massage while listening to your favorite music or even watching your favorite tv shows.

There are several massage techniques followed by this chair. The bonus point that I liked about the product is it has a 3 years warranty.

A USB charging point is also available in the pocket attached by the side of the arms of the chair.

One setback is that it does not have an SL track that could be fitted at this price.

Here is a quick recap of our top 10 best massage chairs in India to buy online and relax.

Quick recap table for best massage chairs in India

Top 10 best massage chairs brands in IndiaBrand
ARG AROGYA Luxury 3D Massage ChairARG AROGYA
ROBOTOUCH Urban Full Body Massage ChairROBOTOUCH
RoboTouch Maxima Luxury Full Body zero gravity Massage ChairROBOTOUCH
Bodyfriend MOM 4D Massage ChairBODYFRIEND
KosmoCare Premium 3D Full Body Massage Chair.KOSMOCARE
Lixo massage chair – LI5001LIXO
Lifelong LLM549 Full Body Massage ChairLIFELONG
JSB MZ21 4D Massage Chair Zero GravityJSB
JSB MZ08 full body massage chairJSB
JSB MZ24 zero gravity massage chairJSB

How to buy the best massage chair in India: Buy Guide checklist

Wondering what might be the deciding factors to buy the best massage chairs in India!! and the best massage chairs in India

There will be a checklist roaming around you to tick those features that you would want in your massage chairs for home or office use.

Let’s explore that checklist or those questions that are common to find when buying a massage chair:

  • Do I want a massage chair that focuses particularly on my neck and back?
  • Can the massage chair become a normal recliner when I do not need the massage?
  • Do I need a dreamy mode in my massage chairs so that I can take a relaxing nap there?
  • Does it have any automated switch-off button to get the massage for a definite period?
  • Does the massage chair have a space-saving feature or is it easy to move or assemble?
  • Will there be any further assistance from the customer service department to test the demo session?
  • Does it have any manual mode to customize the massage sessions?
  • Does it allow me to adjust the intensity of the massage as per the needs and requirements?
  • Does the massage chair have 2D or 3d rollers? Does it acquire any rubbing technique to release the tensions from the body?
  • Does the massage have SL tracks? ( SL tracks are the vibrations starting from your neck going to the thighs forming like an L track on your chair – It will help you relieve all the stress points from your body as you may sit improperly.
  • Do I want the massage chair to have advanced techniques or pre-programmed massage sessions?
  • How many airbags does it have? Will it include a remote or music player along with the controlling pad on the armrest?
  • How much heat will it produce while massaging my body? Is it safe to spend a lump sum amount of money via buying it online?

So, these were some checkpoints that needed to be addressed before buying a new massage chair.

One thing that we have to keep in mind is higher the airbags, the higher may be the price for the massage chair.

Let’s take a look at the types of massage chairs available to us.

Types of massage chairs available to buy online

  1. Zero gravity massage chairs

This makes your legs rise above your heart level. Surprised!! Yes, it is. It will make you feel like you are lying in the air.

These zero gravity massage chairs are the most popular ones nowadays.

  1. Recliner massage chairs

Recliners are the one that provides us with a relaxing position in a chair.

Most of the massage chairs are in the position of the recliner as it aims to provide us all the relaxing and soothing feels.

It is better to stay in it for definite hours as the longer stay might hurt your body.

  1. Full body massage chairs – Shiatsu technique

You may think what is the best massage chair to buy? Well! If you are buying a luxurious product, it is suitable to get the best for full-body relaxation.

Full body massage chairs are available everywhere and you can even keep them at your office premises.

Some of the full-body massage chairs will work on the special points in your body, whereas, some chairs will provide entire support to your body by increasing the number of features for the end-users.

  1. Ottoman massage chairs

These massage chairs consist of similar features suitable for people who are taller than their family members.

Ottoman massage chairs are easy to maintain and you can keep them at your home and for office use too.

What are you waiting for??

Go and buy your favorite from these best massage chairs in India so that you do not need to step out and get a relaxing massage while watching your favorite music!!

Happy Shopping!!

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