Best book for weight loss motivation

What you eat and read is what you become. Today, I am going to share the best book for weight loss motivation and talk little about the importance of reading books & how it can change your life.

I will also recommend the best book to read in your weight loss journey.

Books existed for ages. It is so important that the whole religions of this world are formed from the beliefs of books in the form of religious teachings.

Books are human beliefs and are a great channel to carry forward teachings from one generation to another. If books have not existed, the world would have not progressed this far.

It is teachings of our ancestors that we have progressed this much economically, socially, mentally, medically, etc. There is a book for every problem, some require you to read from your subconscious mind to actually make those teachings work for you.

Not everyone can read these teachings up to this subconscious extent. Those who can read can do great wonders in life. By wonders, I mean success overall — mentally, physically, financially, etc. I am going to talk about a book that is like a gem for you.

If you can read this book successfully as per author instructions, I am sure you can achieve anything in life.

Link to the book I have shared in this article at the bottom. But before you purchase it, have a complete look at this article.

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So, open your conscious & subconscious mind before you buy this book and start reading for a successful life.

I know I talk about fitness & healthy lifestyle and healthy eating. You can achieve this as well if you start implementing the book’s lessons in your life.

So, the book I am talking about here is “The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind” by Dr. Joseph Murphy. Dr. Murphy has made this book reality with a great mix of spiritual wisdom & scientific research to elaborate on the power of your subconscious mind that can influence every single aspect of your life.

A complete guide to leading a happy healthy, wealthy & spiritual life. “Spiritual” here means praying to yourself and making your wishes a reality from inbuilt god within you.

About the book

Book has been divided into 20 chapters in total starting from Chapter 1 “The Treasure House Within You” to chapter 20 “How to Stay Young in Spirit Forever”.

Authors tried to focus on using your conscious mind all the way down to reach the final source of wisdom i.e your subconscious mind.

I found this book best because it is the book that actually trains your subconscious mind so effectively.

This is a practice guide and this is what makes this book more interesting. It requires you to do certain things, in reality, using your subconscious mind to reach your goal.

In the second chapter “How your mind works“, author talks so beautifully about how your subconscious mind works to make things happen in reality based on data fed in it by you irrespective of negative or positive. And, this is why the author focused more on feeding the right data to get the right result.

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The second chapter also talks about an experiment and some real-time stories that actually proved the thesis he gave in his book. Do not skip this chapter.

For me, this book has really worked like magic when I decided to lose my extra weight. Like most, I was lacking motivation & the right path when I was thinking to start my weight loss journey. But when I sit silently and gave a thought to myself as to why I am fearing so much to take the first step.

I found that it was happening due to my own fearful thoughts and not from any external worries. It was my mind and thoughts which were limiting me. There were two thoughts coming, first “I want to lose weight” and second “I can not do this in lack of motivation & guidance”.

As stated by the author in his book, I worked on two different areas of my mind from where these two opposite thoughts were emerging. The author beautifully differentiated these two areas of the mind. I am sure, this must be happening to you as well.

Get the best book for weight loss motivation

Important to note: This book has not just helped me in my weight loss journey but in other aspects of my life as well. I found this book the best book for weight loss motivation. I feel more energetic, make other energetic and help them achieve their goals. Must read this book and thank me later. I bought this book from Amazon. Link to the book I have put below. Every penny invested in this book will pay back you in plenty. Wish you a great happy life. Lose fat, not hope.

Link to the book. Check here

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