Exercises to lose weight at home fast: For females and males

Today, I am gonna share some best exercises to lose weight at home fast, you can do these workouts with proper dieting. If you are eating well in your calorie limit, dieting alone can do more than half of your fat loss task.

These workouts will only be helpful if you are eating well in your calorie budget, and your daily carbs, fat, protein intake are in your diet limit. You never know the number of calories you are munching with your favorite food unless you track it properly on a daily basis.

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That said, let me recommend to you some best exercises to lose weight fast. Some, you can do at your home and some at the park. Also, these are easy exercises to lose weight for beginners as well. So, let get started.

Exercises to lose weight at home fast

Here is the list of some simple exercises to lose weight at home fast for females and males:

1. Brisk Walking

You can brisk walk either at home or outside. If you have walking area at home or upstairs, you can start brisk walking at your home garden, lawn etc to lose weight fast.

I recommend brisk walking in the first place because this is what I have done and still doing for a fit body. Brisk walking is very helpful in burning the extra fat that you earned while eating. Initially, I started with walking around 5000 steps a day.

Exercises to lose weight at home fast

Gradually, with the right attitude, I increased to around 15K to 20 K a day. Brisk walking is really fun doing, you need to plug in your favorite songs and leave yourself on autopilot mode. From my personal experience, it is so much fun that you will always feel energetic to walk more even after your daily walking goal is over.

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Try to walk at least 10K steps a day. I prefer walking in the morning because the pollution level is low at that time.

easy exercises to lose weight for beginners

2. Jogging

Another best workout for weight loss. If you do not have knee pain or any other knee related problems, jogging is the best workout to lose weight. It will show you result faster than a brisk walk but as a downside, you could be harming your knee if you have any knee-related issues. But, if you are good to go with jogging then it is the best workout you would be doing. 

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3. Planks: One of the best exercises to lose weight at home fast

Planks are so much popular worldwide and the reason for its popularity is its effectiveness in weight loss. You can do it easily in the comfort of your home. It is one of the best workouts for those who can not go out walking or join the gym. There are many varieties of planks you can do; side planks, three limb planks, plank jacks, etc. It is very helpful in losing extra fat if doing it properly. Start doing it today.

easy exercises to lose weight for beginners

4. Sun Salutations (Surya Namaskar): Simple workout to lose weight at home

Another workout that can be done at home. Sun salutation needs you to follow a series of steps or postures to complete one cycle. It helps you warm and strengthen your full body. It requires you to do 12 different postures to complete one cycle. Many prefer doing it for 108 times a day for a better result. There are many guides available on the internet that can help you with this workout. 

stair climbing

5. Climbing Stairs to lose weight at home

Climbing stairs up and down does not require you to go outside. You can do this at your home. This is another great option to burn extra fat. Start with 15 minutes and gradually you can increase your time. But again, it is not recommended for those who have knee-related problems.

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Take away from best home-based workouts for fast weight loss

There are many other workouts you can mix with these workouts like push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups, etc. If you are doing any of these workouts properly with the right amount of calorie intake daily basis, you gonna see your results soon.

Eating food takes less time, what actually takes time is working out to burn those extra calories you just ate. This is why I say if you want to work for your weight loss journey go smooth eat in your calorie budget and have control over your junk food cravings.

Balanced dieting means a balanced workout. If you make your diet unbalanced, you need to work harder to burn those extra fats you earned. Many just leave in mid, saying, “I am working out hard but still unable to lose my extra fat”.

And the most common reason they had to leave is they do not have control over their eating habits. Most start munching food whatever comes across their ways — anytime, anywhere. Learn to say “NO” to Junk foods and your workouts will start showing you the results. 

And the most important thing, always keep yourself hydrated drinking at least 10 glasses of water a day. It helps in detoxification and keeps you hydrated in the long run. So, do not forget it.

If you need any suggestions or looking for more tips you can check my posts on my Instagram (@anubhav.mission). I hope you will start doing these simple exercises to lose weight at home fast and easy.