Top 7 Fastrack watches under 2000 (men and women)

Fastrack is a known fashion accessory brand and was launched as a sub-brand of Titan Watches. After some years of operations, this company was made into an independent brand.

This brand is quite famous amongst youth. If you are looking for affordable watches that have a unique style to them then you have come to the right brand.

Right from casual & fashion watches to sporty & professional feel watches, you will get it all with Fastrack. 

The best part about this brand is that it has products that look much more worth the money than you would have actually spent on the product.

You can check out some amazing pieces at various online stores; if you are looking for something exclusive within this brand then you should concentrate on the collection section of the watch; you will definitely find something amazing and new.

We have compiled a list of 7 watches from Fastrack that are classy, affordable, and worth your money! 

Top 7 Fastrack Watches under 2000 for men and women in 2022

1. Fastrack Reflex 3.0 smartwatch for men and women under 2000

This smartwatch model by Fastrack is quite a designer piece and comes loaded with features. This is a unisex watch that will help you track your physical activity.

Some of the other features that you can find with this watch are, a dual-tone silicone strap, 10 days battery life, color display, and totally touch-enabled.

If you want to go for a watch that has a good aesthetic value and performs a lot of functions, then this would be a great pick, within the given range. 

Other Features

  • Comes with as many as 10 sports modes named, indoor walk, outdoor running, hiking, outdoor cycling, elliptical machine, rowing, HIIT, spinning, outdoor walk, etc. 
  • Comes with a magnetic charging cable and once fully charged, it can work for 10 days 
  • Comes with a 1-year manufacturing defect warranty
  • You can download the Fastrack Reflex world app that connects your watch with your phone. You can use this app to engage in the in-built community and also perform daily tasks
  • The watch comes with 20 unique band faces 
  • Apart from real-time heart monitoring, you can use this watch for tracking your sleep and check out the idle alert

2. Fastrack Casual Analog Watch for men

This is a Fastrack watch that is designed specifically for men. This is a minimalistic watch that you can do on any kind of formal occasion.

The overall look, feel, and color of this watch will add a youthful vibe to your whole get-up. It is quite a water-resistant piece which makes it a low-maintenance watch. 

Other Features

  • The battery of this watch is developed by quartz 
  • It comes with a 2-years guarantee
  • The band is made with silicone and comes in black color
  • It is an analog watch with a round case shape; the clasp of the watch is made in a buckle form 
  • The watch features Arabic numerals in it 

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3. Fastrack Tropical Waters Women’s Watch

This is one piece from Fastrack that can attract a lot of female shoppers.

This watch comes in stainless steel finish and has a green dial; the green dial has a sheen to it that will attract some eyeballs near you when you do this watch.

The watch has a minimalistic feel to it, so if you are someone that likes classy and sober products, then this pair is made just for you.

You can pair this watch with your formals, semi-formals, and even casuals. It is a smart piece and also will not be heavy on your pocket. 

Other Features

  • The band color of the watch is silver with a metal finish
  • The case is made from brass and the crystal material is minerals 
  • The shape of the case is round and has a sleek finish to it
  • The watch comes with a warranty of 24 months 
  • It comes with minutes, hours, and seconds hands

4. Fastrack Beach Analog Women’s Watch

Beach Upgrades is quite a sporty collection by Fastrack. If you are about adventure then this piece will definitely find its place in your wardrobe.

This analog watch is perfect to be paired with all kinds of casuals (midis, jeans, shorts, etc.) The strap color is reddish pink and the dial is white color; this color combination makes this piece look super attractive. 

Other Features

  • The dial of the watch is round in shape and comes in white color
  • The band is made of silicone material and has a pink hue to it 
  • The bezel is made from stainless steel and the case material is made from plastic 
  • The warranty period of this watch is 24 months 

5. Fastrack Analog Men Watch under 2000

This is a watch that is a perfect example of extravagant, reasonable, and unique looking. The watch is made of stainless steel but then the dial of the watch comes in navy blue color and black color.

This combination ensures that this watch could be worn on any formal occasion as well as any informal occasion. The simple yet elegant display case adds to the look of the watch.

Another great benefit of this watch is that it is quite light-weighted, and does not strain your wrists. You can buy it as a couples’ watch and twin perfectly for your next get-together. 

Other Features 

  • The black dial watch comes with a red color hour hand which increases the appeal of the product. 
  • The band and the case both are made with stainless steel; the watch is quite sturdy in its make
  • It is a round-shaped watch with an overall casual feel 

6. Fastrack New OTS sports watch for men

This is an analog watch by Fastrack and has a totally sporty feel to it. The band color and the case color, both are black.

This is a trendy piece and will definitely roll some eyeballs in your direction.

The basics of this watch, like the round shape, bulky feel, double-dial, etc. are on-point; these are some of the basics that a male looks for in his sporty watch.

Apart from that, the combination of red-black and silver tones just adds to the overall appeal of the watch. The steel back case makes it strong on the grip. 

Other Features

  • The band is made from synthetic material and is black in color
  • The case material is plastic and the clasp is made in buckle form 
  • It comes with a warranty of 6 months
  • To some extent, it is also water-resistant 
  • If you have a wider wrist then this sporty-looking watch will look perfect on you 

7. Fastrack Fits & Forms Analog Women Watch 

This piece is made to this list because of its unusual and beautifully looking dial.

The deal is not made in regular round, oval or square shapes but is asymmetrical, which is a super attractive quality of this watch. It comes in red color and has a sporty feel to it.

If you like watches with large dials, then this might just be the watch that you are looking for! 

Other Features

  • The band is made of leather material and is red in color
  • The case material is made of stainless steel and the dial is of black color
  • Comes with a warranty period of 24 months 
  • It comes with a tang buckle for the clasp


With watches, it is no more about time or donning it as an accessory. It has become more of a personality statement, where anyone can know a bit about you on the basis of the kind of watch you wear.

You can tell the world whether you like the minimalistic style or you are more of a sporty person; you can tell the world if you like to be perceived as a quiet & formal person or a chilled-out person, with your kind of watch.

You can browse through the collection featured at various aggregator websites, and find your pick & your personality. Hopefully, this article will get you started. 

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