7 tips to lose weight in a week at home? 


If you are thinking only workout will help you lose weight. Your are wrong! Remember, 80% diet, 20% workout


Make a weight loss diet plan

Controlling your carbs is very crucial and is the secret mantra to weight loss success. We eat a lot of carbs unknowingly.


Control your daily carbs intake

Here is the list of low carb vegetables: – Cabbage – Cauliflower – Spinach – Tomato, – capsicum – Bell Peppers – Broccoli – Mushroom


Eat more veggies

Whenever we feel hungry mostly we consume carbs, so better to add more protein and other low carb food to your diet


Work on your hunger

The best thing with Indian homemade food is that they are rich in nutrients. So, eat at home, avoid outside food


Eat homemade  foods

Exercise can speed up the pace of your weight loss process.


It is better to prepare your diet yourself so that you have ideas of what's going inside


Learn healthy cooking

This is how I reached my weight loss goal in 4 months