Anubhav Kumar powerful weight loss story

There was a fat guy named Anubhav Kumar who was unable to even climb stairs properly due to obesity & knee pain

He was fed up with his poor lifestyle & wanted to do something to change it

One day he decided to work on his obesity & get rid of knee pain

He started going out walking but used to get tired in 20 minutes

Slowly, he learned to bear his knee pain & kept walking

But a roadblock was waiting on his way when he started brisk walking than simply walking.

He was bedridden for 2 weeks & unable to move.

When he recovered, he continued his brisk walking routine.

Months passed and now he could brisk walk continuously for 1.5 hours, not just 20 minutes

When his hard work started showing him results in the form of weight loss, he was almost ready to take his walking routine to the next level

He was all set to take up a new challenge this time and decided to run not just walk

On the first day, he ran for just 15 minutes.

With time he increased his timing with blisters all over his legs

Sometimes, he used to put double-sided tape on his blisters to get rid of pain while running

It was almost 4 months, & now Anubhav Kumar could run an hour with his new body transformation without any knee pain